It’s about time Instagram allows you to comment with a GIF on a post


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As has often been the case for some time, Instagram will have an already available advantage over competing social networks. This time the GIFs are in the replies or comments.

Instagram will soon allow its users to be able to reply or comment on a post using a GIF. We can, of course, already respond to stories with graphics, but the absence of GIFs is very much felt in post comments. This new feature will put the social network on the same level as its competitors, TikTok, Pinterest, and other Snapchats that already allow you to reply to posts with GIFs.

This feature is not yet available for all users, but when it is available, you will find that the steps are the same as for stories. The GIF option will appear when you type in the comment box. If you click this GIF button, you’ll see a search bar and a selection of GIFs. As you can see, the procedure is intuitive, it is also the flow we know in most messaging applications.

Instagram wants to spice up the comments section and offer GIF embedding

In terms of variety, you will have plenty to choose from in GIFs, as Giphy offers animations, a huge database to find, share and create animated GIFs. Meta is expected to roll out this feature gradually over the next few weeks.

Meta seems to have slowed down the pace of Instagram updates a bit. The last major update to the feature, which increased the maximum length of stories from 15 to 60 seconds, dates back to September 2022. Is social media experiencing an identity crisis? Its admins recently admitted that Instagram is serving too many videos to users. If the company is still looking for the perfect formula, it eventually copies the features provided by competing applications. The ability to directly zoom stories, for example, is borrowed from Signal.


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