How to Open Accidentally Closed Tab in Google Chrome?


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Google Chrome, like many other popular browsers, allows you to quickly reopen accidentally closed tabs. This simple process makes it easy to go back to the old tabs.

Google Chrome, one of the most favorite browsers in the world, has a “recovery mode” for accidentally closed tabs. That way, recent tabs can be opened again quickly. Although Google released Chrome 78 with its update in 2019, the location of this option has changed, but the process can still be done quickly.

Reopen Closed Tab in Chrome

To reopen a tab that was accidentally closed after a Chrome update, right-click on an empty area of the tab bar and click the Reopen Closed Tab button.

This option reopens the last closed tab. You can repeat this process several times to reopen the tabs in the order they were closed.

Reopen Closed Tab on Macs

You can do the same in the Chrome app on Mac computers. However, on a Mac where the right mouse button is not active, you can CTRL-click an empty tab area in Chrome and repeat the same step.

Previously, you could right-click a tab in Chrome’s tab bar and click the Reopen Closed Tab button. This option no longer appears in the right-click context menu of the tab. You have to click on the correct area to find it.

How do you Accidentally Open a Closed Tab with a Keyboard Shortcut?

To reopen a closed tab using a keyboard shortcut, you can use the key combination CTRL + Shift + T on Windows or CMD + Shift + T on Mac. If you recently closed a window, you can open it again.

This keyboard shortcut works in the same way as clicking Reopen Closed Tab. To open closed tabs in order, just press the shortcut repeatedly.


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