Bard is being improved by Google’s employees working overtime


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ChatGPT continues to create panic within the Google offices. If the company is quick to reveal its counterattack, its internal AI called Bard, the latter is clearly not yet developed, while its competitor is gaining ground, especially in the house of Microsoft. Yesterday Sunday Pichai, the company’s CEO, asked his employees to work twice as hard to recover.

Besides being a real revolution for the general public, ChatGPT is also one of the biggest threats that Google has had to face. However, at first glance, the company has nothing to worry about, as the OpenAI chatbot is not a search engine and therefore lacks access to up-to-date information. But this was without relying on Microsoft. Google’s big competitor saw this as the perfect opportunity to finally make its search engine, Bing, stand out. A few days ago, the latter integrated ChatGPT into its features.

Even worse for Google, Microsoft doesn’t intend to stop there and plans to integrate artificial intelligence into its office suite. In short, Google is behind, which is relatively rare for the company when it comes to artificial intelligence. For several weeks now, various reports have indicated that panic has reigned in the company’s offices. If your answer, O Bard, has already been revealed to the eyes of the world, the war is still far from won. And for good reason: Bard isn’t ready yet.


In fact, the presentation did not go as planned, with the AI making mistakes in the middle of the conference. So it’s a long run for Google, which certainly requires great efforts from its teams. In an email sent to its employees, obtained by Business Insider colleagues, Sundar Pichai, CEO of the company, tries to reassure.

In particular, he recalls that “some of its most popular products were not the first to arrive on the market. They became popular because they responded to important user needs and were based on in-depth technical knowledge. The fact remains that the product is far from finished and that we will have to act quickly in order not to remain on the sidelines.” Sundar Pichai understands that it’s okay and asks his employees for a little more.

Now is the time we need your help: direct your energy and the excitement of the moment into our products. Cold test under pressure and product improvement. I would like each of you to contribute more in-depth by donating 2-4 hours of your time. The staff works overtime, and the tip is clearly inside. Everyone should participate.


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