Apps That Break Obstacles


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While many of the apps designed for people with disabilities make their daily lives easier, they also meet the needs of their families. Many features such as browsing, reading aloud, taking pictures on command and transmitting location information become the eyes and ears of the disabled. Examples like “Be My Eyes” provide very special experiences for all of us.

Technology, which is part of our daily lives, also makes life easier for people with disabilities. Features like script creators, notifications of nearby items, and voice assistants aim to meet the different needs of people with disabilities. Many practices provide social benefits by involving volunteers in the process.

Social Benefits And Awareness

You can use these technologies, some of which are paid and downloaded for Android and iOS, that relatives of disabled people can learn abroad with different language options. It’s worth noting that new features are added to these apps every day. When you follow some of the examples we’ve compiled more closely, your perspective on some things will change.

You Can Be Anyone’s Eyes

Be My Eyes: This app differs significantly from its peers, including individuals without a system disability. Volunteers help visually impaired people seeking help. For example, when answering a call from a visually impaired person who cannot read the water bill, he can answer your request. Any volunteer available at that time can speak to anyone in need. Through this dialogue, social awareness can be created. You can download the application that is also used in several countries, and make their day to day easier with a few minutes of conversation.

Internal Trauma

Voice Steps: You can use the application developed for the visually and hearing impaired, with the navigation feature, defining the area where you want to go. It prevents you from bumping into something directing your steps, especially in enclosed areas. Its advanced features make it the preferred application by many users.

You Can Learn The Braille Alphabet

P3 Mobile: Thanks to the app, the hearing impaired can talk to each other through video calls. The fact that its interface is fully designed for this purpose saves a lot of time. Learning the Braille alphabet, which is used for a fee, allows you to learn the Braille alphabet easily. It should be noted that it is often used by families of people with disabilities. The app can be used on Android and Apple devices without any problems.

Hearing Loss Doesn’t Forget

uSound: The system includes many hearing aid features that people with hearing loss use. It can adjust and filter the listening level and customize it as per everyone’s needs. It can be easily used by people with hearing impairment. On the other hand, KNFB Reader detects written documents with one click and converts them into audio listening mode.


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