Strengthening the blind spots, Manchester United go forward to grab “Kakapo”, the media expects to pay the price as PSV wants.


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Manchester United is about to speed up the battle to close the Kodi Cagbo deal and the fee set by the player’s agency, ready to pay and close now.

Leading British sports media, Sun Sport, reported on Thursday 8 December 2022 that Manchester United’s board is about to embark on a plan to close the deal for PSV striker Kodi Kakpo, and Finn has joined the squad in a few days.

Manchester United are said to be in contact with their club soon about player transfers, with PSV wanting at least £50m. By selling Kodi Kakpo out of the squad this time around, there’s a good chance Manchester United is ready. pay the price accordingly.

For Cody Kakpo at age 23, modeling is pretty hot. This season, if all matches played on the pitch for club and country are counted, he has scored 18 goals and 18 assists in 33 games in all competitions. In the World Cup this time he scored 3 goals.


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