Full of Emotion, Messi opened his heart after Argentina defeated Croatia in the World Cup Final.


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Having said that, full of ‘Lionel Messi’s feelings, the famous ‘Argentine’ superstar came out to open up after the team’s defeat. The Croatian national team advanced to the 2022 World Cup.

On December 14, 2022, I must say that I am full of feelings for Lionel Messi, the famous “White-Blue” star of the Argentina national team. Under the guidance of Lionel Scaloni, he left after the team’s defeat. “Chess” is the Croatian national team, 3-0, with the qualification for the final of the “World Cup 2022”.

O’Neil Scaloni’s team scored 3 goals from Lionel Messi in the 34th minute (penalty), while the other two goals came from Julian Alvarez, the shooting star of the “Blues”. them to the final again. After entering the final, 2014 came, but it was sad and lost to Germany’s “Iron Eagle”, 0-1

Recently, Lionel Messi went so far as to say that after the match “I feel many things right now, many things. It was a full of sensation to see everything a person or his family through the competition was incredible. And we managed to get there to the finals. What is the result we want? No, I know if this tournament is the best for me or not. But I am very happy. I believe that this group of players can be successful. Once again we have reached the finals “This is another happy moment. We had a tough road before. But now it feels good.”


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