Credi che ogni moglie sia brava .. “Messi” scatta una foto a sua moglie per alzare il trofeo “Coppa del Mondo 2022”.


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Capturing the hearts of family fans to the fullest when Lionel Messi is known as the best footballer in the world right now. He has yet to accept the role of photographer, taking a picture of his wife holding the ‘World Cup 2022’ trophy.

On December 19, 2022, the family’s heart filled with Lionel Messi, the famous “blue and white” star of Argentina, under the leadership of Lionel Scaloni, who is now known as the best footballer in the world. But no matter how good you are, you still have to give in to Antonella Roccuzzo, your beautiful wife, who has been your first love for 9 years, that you have to be a photographer, take a good picture. lifting the championship trophy. World Cup 2022 “for yourself.

From this moment on, football fans across the social media world praised Lionel Messi as perfect both on and off the pitch. For those who work in the field, almost everyone already knows how good this 35-year-old star is and what trophies he has won. Including a 7-time Ballon d’Or win and also aiming for his 8th time since this success off the pitch, we don’t see as many media moments as everyone else, but the fact that Lionel Messi was so busy taking a photo of his girlfriend reminds herself that it doesn’t matter how good a player you are. But you’ll be petite and instantly submissive when it’s a request from your significant other.

For Lionel Messi, this is an important part of the 2022 World Cup story in Argentina’s 36-year history, as he has scored in every round, from the group stage to the final. With 7 appearances, 7 goals, and 3 assists, this is the only renewal of the tournament he has yet to live. After all the previous career paths. He has achieved all kinds of success for both club and country.


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