Big Boss, Bat on Fire, is so happy after the “Bag Joe” team is back, filling the line limit again.


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On 9 December 2022, “Fire Bat” Sukhothai FC fought in the battle of the 2022-23 Revo Thai League by passing the first leg for ninth place. To be ready to collect points in the second leg, which will start in early 2023

Recently, Dr. Anungwan Thipsutin, President of Sukhothai FC revealed, “The team came to a meeting and received a little attack from Pajo from Madagascar. Coming back to join Fire Bat again after being previously released to chase dreams in 2021, after Sukhothai The team returned To the top of the table and passed the first match The trend of football fans in Sukhothai requires Bago, which is a gift to the people of Sukhothai Back to the team The management team spoke with Denis Amato, the technical director of the team. To look for players together to strengthen the army, especially the offensive game, while Baggio, who is currently playing football in the French league. I would still like to go back to play in the Thai league. That’s right. “

“I believe that in the second leg the Fire Bats will have a colorful attacking game. And they will create a more satisfying job for football fans. The team has performed well since the first leg. But not enough because they lost many goals. So the second stop when the genius strengthens The offensive line will swing the bat based on the points recovered from what was lost in the first leg count.

“Finally, FC Sukhothai fans, please. Follow and support the team. All the players are ready to do their best. I would like to see the fans come and cheer on the pitch and create a cheer that will force to move the players of the team to do better and in the second leg the Mazza team will not be disappointed”. The hopes of the fans.


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