Google Play Store’s latest update will make sure you never miss a notification – stay up to date with the new update!


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The Google Play Store is getting a new notification-focused update today. A slight change in design allows you to access them at any time. Instead of appearing only when an alert is sent to the user, the little icon appears constantly on the screen.

Google is constantly making its Play Store cheaper, update after update. However, notifications are a feature that makes life easier for users by alerting them when a subscription is about to change or when an app is available in a newer version. It is often best to avoid losing them at the risk of not being aware of important information.

The latest Play Store update ensures you don’t miss these alerts. Until now, the bell icon, which represented notifications, only appeared when a user received one. This was then entered in the search bar, which remained empty in the absence of an item that attracted the attention of the smartphone owner.

A simple design change in the Google Play Store changes everything
In its latest version, this bell is pulled from the search bar to navigate by itself. The icon is now to the right of the search bar and to the left of the user profile icon. If it loses the blue color that allows you to clearly identify it when it was there, it is always on the screen, even when there is no notification.


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