Zednik Martiniuc is fed up with Danusya’s sensational flip. Take drastic steps. Another revolution is about to take place in the Martyniuk family


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Zenek Martyniuk and Danuta

Zednik Martiniuc has made a serious decision. He was driven to everything by the transformation of his beloved wife. Danusia looks like a million dollars, which made him a little jealous of her. What does he intend to do?

Zenek Martyniuk has become a real disco polo star in his years on stage. He started his career in the band Akcent and later started his solo career. It was thanks to him that dance rhythms entered the living rooms with a bang, and this trend began to manifest itself at the largest musical events of the country. While he certainly can’t complain about his career, the musician has faced problems in his private life.

He was angry with his only son, Daniel. The young man had problems with the law and appeared several times in court, as a result of which he was convicted. It seems that he will settle down when he decides to marry Ewelina Golczyńska. The couple had a daughter a few months after the ceremony, but the relationship did not last long. They broke up with a bang, and the media wrote about their quarrels.

Behind him are the singer’s most difficult moments. The media hype around him being his son died down after he reconnected with his ex-girlfriend, Faustina. The couple is already engaged and the parents, calm about the future of their only son, are now focused on each other.

Zink Martiniuc goes on a diet
Danuta Martyniuk has undergone one of the most dramatic transitions in show business in recent months. Zinke’s wife has lost a lot of unnecessary kilograms. First of all, she eliminated sweets from her diet and started moving more. She told everything about herself in an interview with Jastrząb Post.

Everyone knows that I’ve read such unflattering comments about myself: that I’m too fat, that I look like Zinnik’s mother, and that I’ve decided to take care of myself. I started losing weight. I went on a sugar-free diet because I ate a lot of sweets. I started snowboarding, I think I succeeded.

It turns out that Zinke’s wife’s extraordinary transformation has made him think about losing weight and changing his lifestyle. According to Super Express, the singer also wants to lose weight.

Zink is pleased with Danuta’s transformation. He decided that he too would take care of himself and lose a few pounds, maybe even a dozen. It was his decision, but his wife’s support would surely come in handy,” the tabloid’s informant reveals.

No wonder Zenek made such a decision, after all his wife looks great. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he works too.

Danuta Martyniuk at the Żubrówka hotel
Danuta and Zenon Martyniuk at the Personalities and Successes 2022 gala


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