WP Woman #Almighty 2022: Agnieszka Hyży , Joanna Przetakiewicz , Karolina Pisarek


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Celebrities at the Woman WP gala

Agnieszka Hyży, Joanna Przetakiewicz, Karolina Pisarek, Joanna Racewicz … celebrities at the Gala event WP Woman #Almighty 2022. Photo.

On November 17, the final of the first edition of the WP Woman #Wszechmocne referendum took place at the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw. During the ceremony, statuettes were presented to winners in seven categories: business, science, art, motherhood, popular culture, journalism, and other fields. The judging panel included Joanna Przytakiewicz, Agnieszka Hetchy, and Tatyana Okupnik.

There were no stars at the party. Who showed up?

The stars at the WP Gala Woman #Almighty 2022. Who showed up?
The WP Woman #Almighty 2022 party was hosted by the stars. Among those on the wall: Karolina Pisarek, Joanna Rasiwicz, Matilda Damicka, Gracina Wolszczak, Martina Kaczmarek, Marika, Majurzata Leitner, Monika Miller, the aforementioned Joanna Przetakiewicz, Agnieszka Hesnik, and Tatyana.

Among the ladies, a changed Raisevich stood out, smiling and posing in front of the photojournalists. It was impossible to ignore her new hairdo casually. Karolina Pesarek, dressed in a hot pink gown and feathered top for the photo shoot, dominated the event with color. Interestingly, the model recently appeared on Dancing with the Stars and despite her issues, she was able to dance in several episodes. First, she was faced with low scores from the judging panel, and then an illness of hers almost forced her to leave the show. Luckily, the star seems to be feeling much better after applying the proper medications.

What did the evening stars look like? Images in the gallery.

Joanna Przetakiewicz – Gala WP Woman #Almighty 2022
Joanna Racewicz – Gala WP Woman Almighty 2022
Karolina Pisarek – Gala WP Woman #Almighty 2022


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