William and Kate are on the red carpet in the USA. They envied the life of the famous Meghan and Harry. This time they were the center of attention


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Prince William and Duchess Kate in Boston

Prince William and Duchess Kate appeared in Boston a few days ago. Last night belonged to them. The pair starred at the Earthshoot Awards and got all the attention.

Prince William and Duchess Kate are one of the most beloved couples in the Windsor family. After Meghan and Harry stepped down from their posts, all attention focused on the heir to the throne and his wife. They quickly won the sympathy of British fans and royalty around the world.

Kate officially joined the monarchy over a decade ago. Before that, she dated William, whom she met in college, for many years. Although they were just friends at first, a feeling developed between them over time and they even decided to move out of the dorm and rent an apartment together.

They got married on April 29, 2011, and have since had three lovely children. Together, they raise 9-year-old Prince George, 7-year-old Princess Charlotte, and little Louis, who is only 4 years old.

The pair work very loyally for the monarchy, and now that William is first in line to the throne after his father, King Charles III, they are even more involved. A few days ago, the Prince and Princess of Wales flew together to the United States.

Prince William and Duchess Kate at the Earthshoot Awards. Images
William and Kate’s visit to the United States attracted a lot of press attention. All because of Harry and Meghan. The tabloids have long speculated whether the heir to the throne and his wife decide to visit Sussex.

So far there are no indications on this, and shortly after the couple’s arrival in the United States, Netflix announced that the premiere of the Harry and Meghan documentary is on its way. The announcement of this production refocused her attention on William’s younger brother and distracted her from his visit to the United States.

However, Kate and William knew exactly how to top it! Today the world’s media write only about them. The couple showed up at the Earthshoot Awards in Boston and shone like real stars on the red carpet. William dazzled in a navy velvet suit, white shirt, and elegant tie.

Kate shone in a simple bright green dress with a wide slit at the back of the skirt and a belt that emphasized the beauty of her waist. The Duchess has discreetly uncovered her shoulders, and on her neck can be admired a beautiful necklace from the royal collection previously worn by Princess Diana. She even let her hair down.

She is also worthy of note for the beautiful high heels of William’s wife. The deceptively modest outfit is enlivened by gold shoes that shimmer under her lights.

The event was also attended by stars and celebrities, who were welcomed by Prince William and Duchess Kate. Among them were the well-known David Beckham, as well as Ellie Goulding, Rami Malek, Chloe Bailey, and Halle Bailey. You will see the images below.

Do you think William and Kate envy Harry and Meghan’s famous life? One thing is certain: last night belonged to them. You can see more photos in our gallery.

Prince William and Duchess Kate at the Eartshoot Prize Awards Ceremony in Boston 2022


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