We already know what the royal kids will find under the Christmas tree. George would be more disappointed, while Archie would go mad with happiness


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Children in the royal family

What gifts will Santa Claus give to royal children? What will George, Charlotte, Louis, Archie, and Lilibet get?

Who was mean and who was kind? All will be revealed soon. There is a tradition in the royal family of giving modest gifts at Christmas, and lavish or expensive gifts are generally not acceptable. That doesn’t mean the rule hasn’t been broken. What gifts will William, Kate, Meghan, and Harry’s children receive?

What gifts will Santa Claus give to royal children?
Like all children in the world, royals dream of gifts. For example, Prince George seems to have forgotten the rule at court and is uncertain if he will ever receive the coveted gift:

George has asked for a Nintendo, but if Santa decides to go through with it, he’ll have to find a way to escape royal gift protocols, the insider revealed. Instead, George will have to accept more appropriate gifts such as an oversized cricket bat, a larger bicycle, books, or an advanced LEGO set.

Like her late grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and many other family members, Charlotte loves horses and riding horses.

Charlotte is obsessed with her pony and has been asking Santa for a new saddle and bridle and some cute blankets say a royal insider.

The fourth princess in line inherited her mother’s artistic flair:

Charlotte enjoys art and she uses all types of mediums from simple pastels to paper mache so all art materials are desirable.

Kate and William’s youngest child is like most three-year-olds.

Lois is the easiest to please: she’s obsessed with trains and dinosaurs. She wants a dinosaur costume and a dinosaur board game was released this year that Kate wants to get. He also wants a jumping device.

Santa will be very busy fulfilling the wish list of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s children.

Archie will have a completely different gift budget. He’ll have everything from V-tech computers to his first karaoke machine,” the source says, adding, “I want a dinosaur, a kitten, and a pony! There is another gift that Harry wants to buy his son: a battery! Megan begs him to back off as they are still working on getting Layla to sleep.

The Sussex children are no longer bound by royal protocol, so Harry is in complete control. The youngest of the family, Lily, has not yet been able to reveal her wishes, so her parents decide to replenish her wardrobe and get some educational toys.

Do you already know what Santa will bring?


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