The stars of the luxury boutique’s 11th birthday: Małgorzata Socha, Joanna Horodyńska, Karolina Gilon, Gabi Drzewiecka


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Stars at DH Vitkac’s birthday

Małgorzata Socha, Joanna Horodyńska, Karolina Gilon, Robert Kupisz … the protagonists of the 11th anniversary of the Vitkac department store. Images.

Celebrities love exclusive brands whose products can be purchased at Vitkac department stores. So they honored the organizers of the birthday party with their presence. This was the 11th time they enjoyed the luxury store anniversary. Who showed up?

Vitec Store 11th birthday stars. Who showed up?
On November 25, the Vitkac department store celebrated its 11th birthday with a boom. The celebrities who showed up at the event not only defined the style, but also showed with their presence that Vitkac is an exclusive store, and the brands that can be found there are worn by the biggest stars of cinema, sport, and of fashion. Stars celebrating at the Warsaw department store Majorzata Soch included Joanna Horodynska, Karolina Gillon, Robert Kobysz, Jakob Kosel, Siusia Listel, Anna Boylica, Jessica Mercedes, Angelica Mucha, Ada Vijak, Sampson, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Gabka Drezyn Kondratowcz.

The stars have chosen different styles. Our eyes were drawn to Małgorzat Socha, who for years has been at the forefront of Poland’s best astronomers. This time he has opted for classic elegance. He paired a white blazer with dark pants and a blouse with an embellished collar. Joanna Horodynska looked stunning in a colorful gown that emphasized her flawless figure. Gabi Drzewiecka instead chose black. An interesting element of his design was the sequined jacket.

What were the other stars like? Images in the gallery.

Małgorzata Socha – Vitkac’s 11th birthday
Joanna Horodyńska – Vitkac’s 11th birthday
Jessica Mercedes – Vitkac’s 11th Birthday


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