The protagonists of the finale of ‘Top Model 11’: the delightful Joanna Krupa, Kasia Sukoowska in white, the formidable Anja Rubik


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Finalists of Top Model 11

Natalia Wu, Claudia Nisior, and Michalina Wojciechowska stayed at Top Model 11 to fight for a contract with a prestigious modeling agency and become new stars of Polish modeling. The stars appeared at the end of the show. Images.

In the 11th edition of Top Model, we can witness the struggle of young people who came to the program to strive for fame in the modeling world. He lived in the house of supermodels: Adriana Hyzopska, Michalina Wojciechowska, Natalia Woś, Klaudia Nieścior, Maciej Skiba, Filip Ferner, Borys Barchan, Karolina Kuracińska, Marcelina Zetler, Adrian Nkwamu, Krystian Embradrais, Weceraconis, Krystian Embradrais, and Wecerikonis.

More and more difficult tasks appeared before the participants. First, they had to go through transformations. Then there were many difficult challenges. During Wednesday’s final, three contestants will battle it out for the win:

  • Michelina Wojciechowska,
  • Natalia Woos,
  • Claudia Niscure.

The latter won the latter. Claudia won 100,000. zloty and a contract with a modeling agency. I also received 10,000 PLN as a reward for winning the online vote for the most valued participant in the show.

There were stars on TVN’s live program. Paparazzi photos?

The stars to the Top Model 11 finalist. Who appeared?
The 11th Annual Top Model Final aired Wednesday, December 7 on TVN at 9:35 pm. The event attracted many stars: Claudia Elders, Sylwja Pomba, Mugorzata Hritec, Ernst Mosiac, Anna Markowska, Magdalena Stupid, Krzysztof Miro, Priska, Anna Boylica, Patricia Cazade, Alina Ta Dinh, Anja Rubik, Marcin Teska, Dawud Wolinski, Michael Pirog.

During the final, the creations of Dawid Woliński and Mariusz Przybylski and the duo MMC were presented by fourteen participants of the eleventh season of Top Model. Barska, Michał “Fox”, Król, Piotr Rogucki, Karaś, and Grzegorz Hyży performed during the live episode.

The final was hosted by Joanna Krupa and Michał Pirog. Jury members are Katarzyna Sokołowska, Dawid Woliński, Marcin Tyszka, and special guest – Anja Rubik.

Joanna Krupa was delighted with the finish of her Top Model 11
Joanna Krupa, as usual, hosted the final event with charm. She was wearing a long dark blue mermaid dress, she was beautiful. She opted for perfect makeup and loose hair. You shone like a real star.

Images in the gallery.

Joanna Krupa – Final Top Model 11
Anja Rubik – Final Top Model 11
Kasia Sokolowska – Final Top Model 11


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