The multifaceted daughter of Chick and Hackle! She dances like a pro, and now this… the proud dad she used to brag about to the world. By the way, she showed how beautiful her daughter is


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Marcin Hakiel boasts of his daughter’s talent

Marcin Hakiel is a very proud father. He shows a picture of Helena and praises her talent. The girl is beautiful and talented.

Kasia Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel’s breakup rocked the entertainment world. The couple is already divorced and shares custody of their two children: Adam and Helena.

After breaking up with his wife, the dancer got engaged to beautiful blonde Dominica. Her face does not appear on social media. If he decides to put his photo together, he doesn’t reveal his photo of him.

Thanks for all the comments! We live in a free country, everyone makes their own decisions. My lady has decided not to show her face, which doesn’t mean that sometimes she won’t post a picture of them together. I live by simple rules, they show the truth, which I consider appropriate to make public, – Marcin explained some time ago.

There are reports that Kasia Cichopek appreciates that her children get along with the daughter of Marcin’s new partner.

The actress, despite the pressures to which she has recently been subjected due to the ex-wife of her lover, does not lose hope that the family will calm down and stabilize. It is already a good sign that Marcin’s new girlfriend Dominika is in constant contact with Kasia and together they organize the details of the children’s trips to Krotoszyn. Kasia has the best opinion of her and is sure that this girl also appreciates peace. The most important thing to her is that her children love and care for them dearly. It’s of great value in these times – The detective has denied the rumors.

Marcin Hakil is also weathering the media storm over his ex-wife’s new relationship, working and spending a lot of time with the kids. This time he was bragging about Helenka’s talent.

Marcin Hakil praised his daughter’s talent
It seems that 9-year-old Helenka dreams of following in her parent’s footsteps and participating in the show. She is known to enjoy performing, having previously given her first performances on the musical stage in Rome. She gladly accompanies her mother to the set of Mjak miłość. She dances at her father’s school. It turns out she’s also developing another talent. Proud Marcin Haeckel posed for a daughter photo of him playing the piano. You can see that the girl is not only beautiful but also talented and hardworking.

Another star seems to grow before our eyes.


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