Stelle allo spettacolo MMC: Karolina Pisarek, Małgorzata Socha, Margaret, Kasia Kowalska, Anna Wyszkoni


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Stars at the MMC show

Joanna Horodynska, Dominika Jawida, Robert Kubis, Karolina Pesarek … protagonists of the MMC show at the InterContinental Warsaw. Images.

A special event for the fashion world was held on Friday 18 November. MMC duo Ilona Majer and Rafał Michalak presented a new group. Which celebrities have come to see what’s new in the trends?

stars in the MMC show. Who showed up?
MMC Studio stands for simplicity and clean shapes based on ultra-modern fabrics. It was created by a duo of graduates of the fashion department of the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts – Ilona Mager and Raffai Michalak. And they, according to the appreciation of Polish fashion experts and stars, presented their latest collection on Friday evening at the InterContinental Warsaw Hotel.

There were also stars who gladly keep an eye on what is currently the most fashionable: Joanna Horodynska, Ija Krift, Dominika Jaweda, Robert Kobisz, Anila Bogus, Helena Norović, Mateusz Chimkoviak, Ana Deck, Bowie Rourak-Sokal, Marta Juska, Rogerian Sokal-Sala, Kasia Kowalska, Halina Melenkova, Anna Lewandowska, Kristina Sokolowska, Margaret, Lara Gessler, Piotr Zelig, Lydia Pobiel, Anna Markowska, Majorzata Socha, Anna Wizkoni, Magda Gessler, Jessica Mercedes.

Among the guests was Karolina Pesarek, accompanied by her husband. The model recently appeared on Dancing with the Stars and despite her issues, she managed to dance in several episodes. First, she received low marks from the judging panel, then her illness almost forced her to stop participating in the program. Fortunately, after applying the appropriate medication, she seems to feel much better and she seems to be back in shape.

Images in our gallery.

Margaret – MMC Fashion Show
Małgorzata Socha – MMC fashion show
Karolina Pisarek – MMC show


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