Sports Champions Gala 2023. Marina’s bare stomach and old shoes. This is how Wojtek Szczęsny represented


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Marina at the Sports Champions Gala 2023

Sports Champions Gala 2023. Marina is pleased with her figure. She showed her belly in a black dress with feathers. We already know the star’s shoes. Images.

Marina looks back on an exciting year. The day before New Year’s Eve, she was a guest on Wojtek Szczęsny on Alarm! There she decided to make a personal confession. It turned out that the couple was planning another pregnancy. However, during the examination, I felt that there was a tumor in the ovary.

It was the beginning of that year. I came to the doctor to prepare for another pregnancy. And I found out that I have ovarian cancer and it is not known whether it is cancer or not. We know, said Marina, that when you hear about cancer at such a young age, it’s just a blow to the heart.

Also, the World Cup in Qatar is behind us as you kept your fingers crossed for Wojciech Szczęsny. We had a chance to see what one of my husband’s games was like. The national goalkeeper saved our team from conceding, saved a penalty, and was praised as the best goalkeeper in the World Cup.

Then there was the aforementioned TVP New Year’s Eve party, where she was one of the stars. It was a big surprise when he took the stage after Marina’s performance with a large bouquet of roses that he gave to his wife. However, he did not appear at the Sports Champions Gala and was replaced by his better half. She was accompanied by her sister’s husband, Jan Szczecin. What did he look like?

How did Marina look at the 2023 Sports Champions Gala?
was one of the stars who appeared at the 2023 Sports Champions Gala. The singer showed up in classic black, which emphasized her flawless figure. The decorative appliqués on her arm gave it an extra allure. She broke it all with silver accessories, sparkling earrings, and diamond rings. She also wore heeled sandals, which we know from her previous looks of hers, including the JOY Gala in 2019. And it is very commendable because as you can see Vojtek’s wife is one of those stars who adhere to the principle of zero waste. She put on light makeup and tied her hair back. She looked very feminine.

Images in the gallery.

Marina – Sports Champions Gala 2023
Marina – Sports Champions Gala 2023


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