Sad scenes in the tram with Krawczyk’s son. An ambulance was immediately called. He went to the OR


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Young Krysztof Krawczyk fights with his stepmother, Eva Krawczyk, over his deceased father’s estate. Recently, a tragic situation occurred in one of Lodz’s trams. We had to call an ambulance.

Krzysztof Krawczyk died in April 2021. He is survived by his wife – Eva Krawczyk – and son –  Krzysztofa Krawczyka junior. The musician’s wife claims that he did not include his son in his will, while there were two versions of the will for the little one, and in the first one his father was kinder to him. Unfortunately, the relatives of this artist did not reach an agreement and are involved in a legal dispute over the property of the deceased.

Recently, in an interview with us, Eva expressed her regret that her relationship with her late husband’s son is very bad. He points out that it wasn’t entirely the fault of the youth, as it was the people around him who blocked communication with them.

There is no relationship. I love that these relationships exist. Even at first I tried to fight for these relationships, but when the lawyer came, the counselors were not friendly with him, it was over for him and I can’t do anything now. Even if I want, I am limited and not allowed, – he announced.

On Wednesday, November 9, the hearing of their dispute will be held. The verdict has not yet been issued, but the court has already attracted a lot of media attention. In the morning, Super Express was surprised by reports about the unfortunate condition of Christophe’s son, which occurred on one of the trams in Lodz.

Krzysztof Krawczyk Jr. had a seizure on the tram

This 49-year-old man unexpectedly fell to the ground on the tram. Passengers immediately rushed to his aid:

An ambulance was called, Krzysz went to the emergency room, then he came to Christoph Kwinar and told us everything. I was there to speak confidently. Junior is horrified by the whole situation. He feels that he is wanted … – admitted Zbyszek Rabinski, manager of the singer.

According to Super Express, whenever a beginner is affected by strong negative emotions, epileptic seizures occur. And he has many of these:

Igor feels trapped and even wanted to move out of his rented apartment in downtown Lodz because he was afraid someone would attack him there. We convinced him not to.

In a difficult time, when Krzysztof meets his stepmother in court, he can count on the support of not only his friends but also the Polish community in the United States, who decide to help the man:

A small package from his godmother arrived today at the address of Christoph Kwinar, we are also waiting for a shipment from the United States from fans who are afraid of his fate … I will tell you everything in court – Robisky’s summary.

Are you following the fate of Krawsik’s son?


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