Rumors are gossip, but only Kasia Chicubek told us how she will spend Christmas. Something special for her children. Well done!


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Kasia Cichopek

Kasia Cichopek told us how she intends to spend Christmas. She has prepared something special for her children. Thanks to this, they will feel the real magic of Christmas. And the gifts?

Kasia Cichopek has been through a lot in her private life this year. The presenter announced her separation from her husband, Marcin Hakiel, and at the end of August, the couple finalized their divorce. Only two months have passed and the presenter and TVP star has announced her relationship with Maciej Kurzajewski. The couple showed off the first shared photos from a trip to Israel, where they celebrated her 40th birthday together.

After separating from her husband, Kasia shared the fortune she had accumulated over the years with the dancer, but also in the care of her children. They had long since come to an agreement on what their time would be like with each other. They choose alternative custody. Thus, 13-year-old Adam and 9-year-old Helenka will spend Christmas with their father. What are Kasia’s plans?

Kasia Cicchobek reveals her plans for Christmas
Kasia had a very busy professional schedule for several months. The star is a regular on the set of M jak Miłość and Question for Breakfast, but she also appears in several other shows and runs her own company. However, during the holidays she plans a happy break, and how she will spend this special time in an interview with a journalist

I love the Christmas atmosphere, the colored lights, the music that surrounds us, the scent of gingerbread, and above all I love the company of loved ones.

The star will celebrate a bit earlier this year, giving her kids an unforgettable surprise. About her She admits that this will be a special holiday for her:

For me, it will be a special holiday, which I will organize a little earlier. My whole family will be there, my brother’s family will be there and I want it to be a merry Christmas full of love, tenderness, and closeness.

And the gifts? As it turned out, Kasia already has an idea to give gifts to her loved ones, but she doesn’t think about what she would like to achieve on her own:

At the moment I’m thinking about gifts for others, of course, in consultation with Santa, so I haven’t thought of anything for myself yet.

Do you already have plans for the holidays?


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