Oliwia Bieniuk enters the world of entertainment completely changed! New hair color, bangs… This transformation will make her stand out among the stars


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Oliwia Bieniuk – hairstyle

Oliwia Bieniuk appeared to the audience with a refreshed hairstyle. Perhaps this hair idea stole the heart of the young actress forever. What does it look like

Uluja Binyuk is the eldest daughter of Anna Przybylska and Yaroslav Pink and she has lived from an early age in the spotlight. She has appeared with her mother in planned photo shoots and covers of glossy magazines. She knew exactly what the job of an actress involved, as well as what show business was like, but in her adult life, she decided to follow in the footsteps of a famous mother.

She already has several professional photo shoots, performances in YouTube productions, and participation in Dancing with the Stars. It was the Polsat show that allowed her to present herself before a larger audience.

Oleta has decided to leave her family home in Gdynia for Warsaw. Shortly after moving to the capital, she not only started her studies but also fought for her first roles. Some time ago, she boasted of having managed to get into the cast of the series Cops. Pyotr Mroz praised her highly.

Well, we will have a relationship. Joke, of course… Olivia will be playing a niece or niece. And no, I can’t reveal it yet. She will play Olivia. It works very well, says Piotr Mroz.

Olweya says he wants to earn her name.

Now is an important moment in my life. I feel comfortable in a group of students, they are very kind. There is no spin or rivalry that is often found in drama schools. A familiar name has always annoyed me, but luckily I don’t feel like it here. I know the standard is high, so now I’m working on establishing myself in the film business, not because my mother is Anna Przybylska, but because of the talent and skills I hope to have. I would like to work for my name and not be known only as Przybylska. But there is still a long way to go. Now I have to work hard to be an actress,-she said in an interview with Fact.

Even though she is currently very busy with school and filming takes up all of her time, she always makes time for her fans online and has plenty of time. On Saturday, she sported a beautiful hairstyle.

Oliwia Bieniuk with bangs and a new hair color
Oliwia Bieniuk showed off a hairdo with bangs at the premiere of Ania. She then had a hazel shade and was delighted with the way she looked.

A photo of a young celebrity appeared on Instagram on Saturday, in which Olya also presented a hairstyle with bangs, but this time she definitely made the color darker. She topped it all off with expressive makeup. She also appeared in a corset, confirming that she was no longer a teenager. Check out the gallery.


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