Martyna Gliwińska talks about the details of getting married to a new partner. Jarek Bieniuk’s ex will formalize the relationship in an unusual location. And the dress?


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Martyna Gliwinska, Jaroslaw Bieniuk

Martyna Gliwińska told us the details of the wedding. Former Yaroslava Binyuk will take him to an extraordinary place. new interview. video.

Martyna Gliwińska became popular thanks to her relationship with Jarosław Bieniuk. Two years ago, the couple’s son Kazimierz was born. This did not perpetuate her parents’ relationship. Gliwińska and Bieniuk have separated.

Motherhood is definitely not lonely, as I have many people around me to help raise my two children. Mainly my father. Kazik is increasingly independent, he goes to kindergarten, and we manage. I work all the time and with the help of my parents and child custody, I can make it – revealed the celebrity to our reporter.

In August, the influencer complimented the new partner with a proposal. He posted a video on Instagram in which he presented a beautiful ring.

A reporter from Jastrząb Post had the opportunity to speak with her and asked her about the wedding.

Martyna Gliwińska on marriage. What did she tell us?
Our conversation first talked a little bit about her plans for the holidays.

This Christmas will be special because I will be spending it for the first time with my boyfriend and his family. There will be many of us at the table, and we will all be together. I hope it’s magical.

Then she revealed the wedding. Apparently, the star hasn’t yet set a date for the ceremony. But she knows it will be a modest ceremony. Her dream is to take place in Italian Tuscany.

I am planning a wedding. However, we haven’t started planning it precisely, so we don’t know any dates. Somehow we know where it should be and that it will be such a small celebration. I also tried on wedding dresses. We have a dream of having a wedding in Tuscany. The dress reminds me of a classic Italian style, so maybe something like that. Last year was great so next year will probably be the same.


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