Marina and Liam flew to the WWITC! Szczęsny’s greeting with his son is heartbreaking! Now you can see how much they missed each other


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Marina, Wojciech Szczesny and Liam

Marina sent a touching tribute to Wojciech Szczecin William. With such support, our goalkeeper has a chance to once again become the hero of the fans in the match against France in the 1/8 finals of the World Cup in Qatar.

Wojtek Szczęsny and our national team finished the group stage of the World Cup. There was no shortage of feelings. Our first match ended in a draw with Mexico. The captain of the team missed a penalty kick. But the next match was successful for our team, who won 2-0 after Zelenskiy and Lewandowski scored goals against Saudi Arabia.

We had the chance to see how Wojciech-Szczęsny’s wife went through the match. The goalkeeper of the national team saved our team from conceding a goal, saved a penalty kick, and was praised as the best goalkeeper in the World Cup.

However, the match against Argentina brought the most excitement. Despite the defeat, our team advanced to the 1/8 competition, and our goalkeeper grew up to be a champion. In the 38th minute of the match, he showed sophistication and defended a penalty kick taken by Lionel Messi. Szczęsny became a hero for the fans, and our team, after 36 years, left the group at the World Cup.

The team will play against France today. Fans don’t hide that they are counting on Chesney. They think he will score again and we will beat the defending champions.

Marina also decided to go to Qatar to support her father in living with Hussam. Touching scenes from the father and son greeting that you uploaded on the net.

Marina showed a tribute to Wojciech Szczecin with Liam
Marina does not hide her pride in her husband, who supports Vettek as best she can. She wasn’t in Qatar during the team games because Liam fell ill, but Chesney knew he had his fingers crossed for him. And after the match against Argentina, he turned to his relatives, assuring them that they watched the match in Warsaw.

I love you, Liam. Dad said he wouldn’t come home.

For the match against France, Marina decided to fly to Qatar. From the stands of the stadium, together with her son di lei, she will support the Poles. A video appeared on her Instagram of hers, where she showed touching scenes. Lost Liam threw himself into his father’s arms. We are convinced that this will give Wojciech wings and that he will defend like inspiration. Will you see our clash with the French?

Marina showed Liam’s greeting to dad


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