Lucy Bella: Good is not lost in the world


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Lucie Bílá’s White Christmas tour has been at its peak for many years now. This year’s event ends in Kolín, and the 21-year-old Golden Nightingale also sings the new song O Vánocé, which Pokáč wrote for her. He will therefore spend Christmas with her loved ones and look forward to all that the coming year brings for her.

About the Christmas clip with Lucie Bolla.

On the first weekend of Advent, he released “About Christmas”. how were you born?

I wanted a Christmas song that people sang to each other, but that was new. And since our collaboration with the songwriter Pokáč works beautifully, I asked him. I was born last year, but it was just before Christmas and I’m sorry to publish it without the support of a video, which delves into its meaning. So I waited for Christmas this year and shot a clip with director Lukasz Rijmon.

I think people love the song. After all, I was already convinced of it at the Christmas parties I attended in recent days.

The song has a message, what is it?

Our shared world will only heal when we begin to truly love our family, children, relatives, loved ones, and friends.

Is the current world sick, so to speak?

I dare not evaluate it, but I am one of those who do not want to get used to the virtual world. I know I must have a cell phone for many reasons. But when I wasn’t even 30, I was fine. But then everything accelerates, values get confused and I stop understanding the current world, I stop understanding it.

At least I keep my assurances. Many times it’s little things, for example, I still read my favorite comics Čtyřlístek, I collect everything Czech, for example, jewelry with scenes from our past, and I love old Czech movies and old Czech fairy tales.

Of course, I’m glad that I was born at this time, although the words of actress Stella Zavorkova, who told me: it’s a pity that you didn’t live in our time, still ring in my head. We consider you. I love my time and maybe the next generation will love theirs again. But I certainly don’t envy her, because this time she’s messy, dangerous and confusing.

In my time I went out with other children and played with them, and when I wanted to see someone or talk to someone, we met. I practice it like this at my concerts. There were thirty-three birthdays this year, and they were all lovely and sincere. If I had more time, there would be more because I love meeting people.

Your Christmas parties have been repeating themselves for many years. They have become a tradition.

I think it was the twelfth time. And I admit it makes me feel good when people text me that visiting my Christmas party is a tradition for them. This is my greatest reward. I love Christmas parties and, if it weren’t against custom, I would sing Christmas carols even in the summer.

How sick is the world today?

I was lucky enough to have an amazing family, a loving and enthusiastic mother, and a very kind and funny father. My brother had the same so we honestly loved Christmas. They were always beautiful.

They will be even better this year because I was able to bring my father and brother, the two most important men in my life, closer to my home in Otvovice. I remodeled a smaller house in the neighborhood for my father, and my brother and his family built a house across from me. Makes me happy. We are within easy reach of each other and this has great advantages. In addition to contacts, for example, he let me run to my father in my pajamas when he wasn’t picking up my phone and I started to worry about him.

Recently, when my father and brother asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I replied that I had already received a present from them because I am close to them. I think it’s a huge gift when you have your relatives.

Did you sing hymns at home?

Not really, we always played Christmas carols. But I forbid my songs to be played because I’m not much of a mind eater. But you know what I love? music box. I have three at home. One looks like a TV set, with a running train, falling snow, and a tree inside, reminding me of my childhood. It awakens the child in me and makes me feel good.

I never want to be an adult, I often take my father’s hand and tell him that he should always be here, that he will never leave and that I will remain a child. And at home in Otvovice I had a decorated tree and a lighted house for a long time. I actually turned it on in mid-November and turned it off on February 7th, the anniversary of my mother’s death.

Lucy Bella

Do you remember the best gift you received as a child?

It was a teddy bear and I still have it. His name is Péťa and, interestingly enough, he has a name that means a lot to me in life.

Peter Hannig was my discoverer who brought me into the world of professional music. The outstanding pianist Peter Malask has accompanied me since the release of “Naughty Tennis shoes” in the mid-’80s. Today I can’t imagine the stage without him, he’s my angel. And Petr Kratochvíl is the father of my son, but also the person from whom I learned the word strategy and how to navigate the world of entertainment.

Who will you be spending Christmas with this year?

With dad, son, and partner. I thought about putting my brother next to me, but his love for his wife will take him to Moravia this year with his family. Of course, I’m not angry with him. Her wife is also an excellent pastry chef and thanks to her I will have a table laden with wonderful Christmas biscuits.

But I also got some great cookies from baker Joseph Marschalek. He’s a great person, I’ll need more people like him around me. He releases the good into the world, and when the good is released into the world, it is not lost. It’s just inside.

Don’t you make cookies?

And when do you think I can do it?

I have no idea, you’re right…

I try to do all the things I can, but bread is not one of them. So if I can salvage anything before Christmas, it’s singing and stringing beads. Sometimes I fall asleep, but not often. When we arrive at midnight from the party, it will take me another two hours. It’s a tradition for me, a daily routine. Then I buy wheelchairs for the needy with the money I make selling beads and jewelry. I try to win over as many people as possible to make as many people happy as possible.

You are the director of the Lucie Bílé Theater in Prague. How is it going?

We’re doing great, thanks for asking. While this is unusual for theaters in these troubled times, we’re not making any money. We sell every show.

I invite everyone to the stage. The journey is really exciting. When you cross the Charles Bridge and turn into the theater building on Karlova Street, you will come across a small shop where you can buy your jewelry. I like to make them and not let them touch me. Nobody helps me with them because they will lose the magic. Not only do I give people something nice, but I also give a piece of my time.

You can visit the Český Granát company shop next to the theatre. I own twenty-one Bohemian nightingale figurines made by that company. When I first walked into his shop, I was drawn to the replica Czech Nightingale on display. I asked if they would like the original and they were happy to do so. You can now see some of the statues you have there.

You can then sample my coffee at the theater or buy a can to take home. On one side of the corridor is the stage manager’s office, my brother Karel, and on the other is my son’s assistant, and there are so many talented and enthusiastic people running everywhere.

The freedom I have in the theater makes me so happy in these difficult times. But I won’t let everyone in. Not everyone has the same energy and I don’t want anyone to break the great atmosphere. I try to avoid these people. I want to walk the world with open arms, not clenching my fists in front of me to defend myself.

Do you give advice to your theater colleagues?

I’m not a teacher and I don’t think any of them need advice. But when someone asks me, I like to tell them not to feel like a failure and not to take it too seriously when someone praises them. Hate and praise are the same things, one should mainly listen to oneself, and intuition.

What does next year hold for you?

In the theater of my beloved family, the premiere of the film “The Heart Matters” will take place. I would also like to record songs for the new album, I would perform in my band’s two concerts with Čechomore, I would like to prepare again for the Christmas tour because without him it would not be possible.

I will also participate in a large memorial concert for Hana Zagorova, to which I was invited by Stefan Margitta, one of the most worthy people I know. And at the beginning of the year, at O2 World in Prague, we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Arachne Group.


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