Korzbuki is not getting married soon. Kasia and Maciej have to wait with serious statements. There was a huge obstacle on the way to complete happiness


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Kasia Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski

How about the wedding of Kasia Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski? When will they say yes? There is new information about their plans. It is known why the ceremony is far away.

The relationship between Kasia Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski has not been a secret for fans for several weeks. The sweethearts have revealed that they have more than just work for the questioner’s 40th birthday breakfast. Together, the couple embarked on a sentimental journey to Israel. From there they shared their first photos together, they also joined over the breakfast table and chatted about how they were feeling. Even though they did it after Paulina Smaszcz’s scathing comments, they still got a lot of congratulations from the fans.

Since then, fans have been following all the sweetheart reports, and a lot is known about their plans for the future. The new couple of the show has already appeared on the wall for the first time and when they leave the breakfast building they are constantly holding hands.

It is known that they are already engaged and everything is moving toward the formalization of the relationship. Both are already divorced and nothing stands in the way of their marriage. A friend of the couple has revealed their latest plans.

How about the wedding of Kasia Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski?
During TVP’s 70th anniversary, Kasia Cichopek proudly presented on her finger the engagement ring that her lover had given her. The details of the lovers’ engagement were revealed by Jastrząb Post, a staff member at Breakfast Questions.

Kasia and Maciej got engaged shortly before the official announcement of their relationship, but they have done everything to make this moment only theirs. They think seriously and talk about their future together. They want to create a harmonious and loving family. This was facilitated by the fact that Masek’s children loved and accepted Kasia. The same goes for Helenka and Adaś. Both Maciek’s mother and her sisters loved Kasia very much, and Kasia’s parents actually treat Maciek like a son,” the friend of the duo tells us.

The lovers are already planning their wedding, but this next important step in their relationship will be a little late. Morning Format hosts are currently looking for the perfect home for the whole family.

First, they want to live together. Now Maciej lives with his mother and Katarzyna with his children. They are looking for a large house where everyone feels comfortable. Maciej’s mother, who needs her help, and the children of Katarzyna, the lover’s friend, are revealed in an interview with Barty.

Maciej and Kasia will set the wedding date with their family during Christmas. Apparently, it will be a secret and they want to get married away from the hustle and bustle of the media.

The theme of the wedding date should be revived during the festive period. At the Christmas table they will meet Kasia’s parents, brother, and grandmother, as well as Maciej’s mother and possibly her children, says a friend of the Korczubki family.

With so much interest in their relationship, do you think they’ll be able to keep the wedding date a secret?

Kasia Cichopek, Maciej Kurzajewski – 70th anniversary of TVP
Kasia Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski


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