Kasia Cichopek went to a new job. She had a good reason: “I made my daughter’s dream come true.” PnŚ supporters are full of fear


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Kasia Cichopek

Kasia Cichopek has found a new job. This is a tribute to her several-year-old daughter, Helena. What will the girl’s mother do now?

Kasia Cichopek has had many jobs in her life. She started as an actress in Mjak miłość. She then was addressed as a TV presenter of the program “Questions for Breakfast”. You work there together with Maciej Kurzajewski. The two get along so well that they are also a couple in real life. The lovers reported their relationship while living in Israel.

You can learn a lot from Maciek and there is still a lot ahead of me. Above all, we focus on partnership. I have the impression that we understand each other very well, and that we give each other space so that everyone can express themselves somewhere and manage the program in their own way. We both assume guests are stars first and foremost and need to talk and we want to give them that space so they can feel comfortable and at ease,” Katarzyna praised her partner.

Yesterday there was great news. Maciej proposed to Cassia while he was in New York.

Kasia and Maciej try to be inseparable and spend every moment together. They love to travel abroad because they can be strangers there. They flew to New York to take a break from the hustle and bustle surrounding their relationship, and this is where they got engaged. They are talking seriously about the wedding, but they want the situation to calm down a bit, – reported the informant Pudelka.

The surprises don’t end there. Kasia shared some photos taken in the recording studio and posted an entry. In it, she said that she gave her voice to one of the characters from the fairy tale Destination Moon, who fulfilled her daughter Helena’s dream.

Dear friends, I invite you to the cinema for a beautiful fairy tale “Going to the Moon” from 02.12. Helenka always wanted me to describe her. My personality is forgetful, and funny, and she wants to help, but it’s different. This is a beautiful children’s adventure film, a film that shows the power of friendship and the struggle between good and evil. It’s a colorful, funny, just adorable family movie. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart, – summed up the actress.

Kasia Cichopek has a new job


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