Johanna Krupa’s daughter took care of the housework. Asha was serious and her mother was bursting out laughing. It is impossible not to smile!


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Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa offered a fascinating recording with her daughter in the lead role. The model bragged about how Asha helped her around the house. The girl was serious and her mother was crying with her laughter.

Joanna Krupa has been associated with the cult show Top Model since the beginning of her career. The model has lived in the United States for many years, which she left when she was a young girl. There, she was able to break into show business, appearing in the most popular shows. In a time of her she has also managed to appear in Poland and now she is a fan favorite of hers who has gathered a lot around her.

The model has a failed marriage behind her. After the relationship broke up, another love was waiting around the corner. Douglas Nunes appeared on her way. The lovers were not going to postpone their plans for later. Soon they decided to get married, which took place in Krakow. Just a year after the ceremony, their beautiful daughter Asha appeared in the world. She stole the hearts of not only her parents but also netizens and became a child star on social media.

Joanna Krupa explained how she helps Asha with the housework
Joanna is one of those stars who don’t hide their children’s faces on the Internet. The daughter of her, from the first moments of life, appears on social networks. Photos and videos with Asha regularly appear on the Web, each time causing the admiration of fans. To date, the girl is an only child, but the model does not rule out that the family will grow soon. She admits that she dreams of having another child.

This is my dream, but we’ll see what they show us there,-she said in an interview with Super Express.

Currently, Joanna devotes all her free time to taking care of her daughter. She teaches the 3-year-old not only to love animals but also to help with the housework. A fascinating recording from the model’s house hit the network. It showed Asha persistently trying to clear the floor. Although she flooded almost everything with water, her willingness to help was very touching.

But you are such an amazing cleaner, thank you-Asha was so welcoming to her funny mother.

The girl was very concentrated on her task and the seriousness with which she used her mop would have moved every heart of her. You will see everything in our gallery.


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