Joanna Opozda was surprised by the transformation. She chose a provocative color. Was the risk paid off? This is how she looks now


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Joanna Opozda at the hairdresser

Joanna Obozda has a new hairstyle. She praised the effect the transformation has had on fans. She chose a bold color. Does it look better this way?

Joanna Obozda is best known for her role as Guetta in the series First Love. In the following years, she appeared in other productions. She defined her career after marrying Antik Krolikowski last summer and announcing her pregnancy. Her son, Vincent, was born in February. Her parents separated shortly before her birth.

Until now, Asya and Antik have kept silent about their relationship. A few months later, her ex-partner accused her father of a child of not paying him maintenance and not taking care of him. I addressed him on Instastory:

The court ordered child support, not me. See your earnings and select the appropriate amount. If you’re a decent man and you pay child support on time, the bailiff won’t take your bill, it’ll probably be obvious. How many times have I tried to get along with you? How many times has the lawyer tried to contact you? You don’t know much about real life, real life isn’t always a party. You never change your baby’s diaper, you never get up for him at night, and you never give him a bath. But when our son was 2 months old, I brought him a Rubik’s cube and asked him if he could eat dumplings, what kind of father are you?

Afterward, she bragged about her success. She starred in Wiecczarski’s Bachelorette Party with Rafael Zawirocha and Mateusz Panasieuk. All this shortly after the magnificent Brigitte Bardot entered the cinema screens, where Obozda played the role of the legend of French cinema, who chose the actress herself for the lead role.

Joanna Obozda has pink hair. Transformation of the actress
The bachelorette party will go to recipients in 2023. Work on the collection is in full swing, and Joanna herself gladly shares behind-the-scenes photos with fans. Today she posted more photos where we can see her with a refreshed hairstyle. Most likely, the change in the image is associated with Kinga, that is, with the character you played. Mateusz Panasiuc also underwent a revolutionary transformation. For the purposes of the production, he became light blond (photo in the gallery).

The actress, considered one of the most beautiful Polish women known, appeared with pink toes. The dark color emphasized her locks, but thanks to the small amount of her it was possible to avoid a childish effect. Everything indicates that the transformation on Joanna’s head is temporary and the redness will disappear from her hair after several washes. Products of this type of coloring are highly appreciated especially for the instant effect that can be removed once or twice.

Opozda proves once again that the beautiful girl is beautiful in everything, but if she sticks to such a hairstyle for a while longer… would that be a good idea? Judge for yourself.


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