It’s time for Prince William’s version of events. Harry took his accusations one step too far


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William replies to Harry

Prince Harry has revealed a lot in Spear, but I don’t think anyone expected that much. He spared no one in the family. Eventually, he gets a reply from Prince William.

The whole world is eagerly waiting to finally read the full biography of Prince Harry Spear. What has hit the media so far has exceeded all expectations.

Among other things, he accuses Prince William and his wife Princess Kate of persuading him to wear a Nazi uniform (more here), brags about how many people he killed while in Afghanistan (more here), claimed he concocted conspiracy theories about Princess Diana’s death (more here) and described his wife’s quarrels with her sister her husband (more here).

However, the biggest sensation is the descriptions of William’s physical attacks. Harry was supposed to strike for the first time in 2019.

It all happened fast. Very fast. He grabbed me by the collar, snatched my necklace, and threw me to the ground. Then I landed on the dog bowl, which broke under my back. Pieces of it etched into my flesh. I was stunned for a moment then stood up and told him to get out of there.

Another attack occurred after Prince Philip’s funeral in 2021. An angry William then started snapping at his younger brother and yelling casual comments at Princess Diana. King Charles III, therefore, had to be a passive witness to the terrible scenes. Eventually, Harry lived to see his older brother’s reaction to these revelations.

Prince William matches Prince Harry. It’s time for his side of the story
Just four years ago, the idea of Prince William viciously attacking his little brother seemed like a crazy idea. After all, they were Diana’s children, the closest two brothers can have, especially after the loss of their mother. However, if you believe Prince Harry’s account in his backup diary, their relationship is currently pretty bad.

An informant near the palace believes Harry doesn’t expect William’s reaction because he adheres to Elizabeth II’s rule: never complain, never explain. But here you will be surprised.

In the end, Harry did it, after all, even in William’s eyes he had gone so far – says a source of Woman’s Day – the prince could not allow his reputation to suffer so much that he was accused of physical assault. He has urgent meetings with his colleagues to find out everything. It’s not his style, but that’s enough and there will be an answer. It’s time for the world to hear the other side of this story.

It is not yet known in what form the answer will take, but many doubts will certainly be clarified.

Taking part in the funeral procession with the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II are Prince William and Prince Harry
A reunion between Meghan and Harry and William and Kate


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