Inflation won’t affect Małgorzata Rozenek’s, Christmas Eve. All because of a patent. Anyone can make an example and have a perfect Birthday


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Margaret Rozenek

Małgorzata Rozenek on Christmas. She didn’t beat around the bush and revealed that inflation isn’t a terrible thing for her. All because of a patent.

Małgorzata Rozenek has been at the forefront of the most popular Polish women for years. She started her career on Perfect Lady of the House. She returned to television in August of this year. Together with Krzysztof Skórzyński, she joined the cast of Dzien Dobry TVN. A career isn’t everything to him. She puts her family first: her husband Radosław Majdan, her sons Stanisław and Tadeusz, and her youngest, Henryk.

Małgorzata Rozenek on Christmas. She has a way of puffing herself up
Our portal conversation acknowledged that they are traditional when it comes to celebrating Christmas Eve. She has been spending this day with her parents for years. Ronks always ate the same dishes, which was not stopped by the poverty of the Polish People’s Republic. Guys and her relatives could not imagine that there would be a shortage of dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, jellied carp, or vegetable salad.

The Christmas Eve dinners at my house from my childhood look exactly the same every year and there are exactly the same dishes. Furthermore, the porcelain it is served on is also exactly the same. The trinkets in my parents’ house are still reminiscent of my childhood times, so this very classic, very fast food and the dishes that appear on it, are dishes that haven’t changed in many years. Vegetable salad, even during deep communism, always appeared on the table, dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms or jellied carp.

Josiah isn’t afraid of inflation because he doesn’t celebrate lavishly.

These are the things that have been on our table for 40 years and have always been on our table now. Let’s not celebrate too lavishly. We celebrate in a very traditional way.

This is a good patent that is worth using if you don’t want to strain your family budget too much.

How will your vacation be?

Małgorzata Rozenek in styling for a quarter of a million zlotys
Małgorzata Rozenek – Good Morning TVN
Małgorzata Rozenek – Good Morning TVN


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