“I remember what it was like when I had nothing.” Anna Lewandowska attends “Libri Nobili” and opens up to fans. Her childhood was not a bed of roses


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Anna Lewandowska Noble Parcel

Anna Lewandowska spares no money to support various charitable foundations. This time she has decided to choose which family to give the Palco Nobile to. This is of particular importance to her.

Anna Levandowska and Robert have built a real empire around them. The footballer and his wife have an international career, which also translates into finances. The captain of the Polish national team is a player of FC Barcelona, ​​\u200b\u200bwhere he earns a fortune, and Anya manages several prosperous companies and is constantly developing her business.

However, this has not always been the case in their lives. The fitness instructor lived modestly with her mother and brother. When her father left the family, it happened that they had to deny themselves many things to survive another month. With hard work and consistency, I managed to get to the top. Now Anya cannot complain about the lack of money, and in all this, she also remembers people in need.

Anya and Robert have already donated money to different charities many times and have helped those who needed it most. Every year the captain of the national team, together with the red and white team, also prepares the Nobel package. Now, when the players are at the World Cup in Qatar, Anya has taken care of this.

Anna Lewandowska supports noble books
Anna Lewandowska helps her whenever she helps me. Although as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur she has a very busy schedule, she always finds time for those in need. You have joined the Nobel Gift Campaign this year. This is the twenty-second time that each of us, before next Christmas, can choose which family he wants to support and to give a gift to.

This year Anja supports Teresa and her four children. A year ago, she was living a quiet life with her beloved husband and four children. Unfortunately, a few months ago, Teresa’s husband, the sole breadwinner of the family, died tragically in an accident. They have been alone ever since.

My husband and I have already participated in this type of activity many times, as there is an opportunity to help, especially families. You can help too! Go to www.szlachetnapaczka.pl and choose a family you can support, Ania encourages her fans.

Levandowska believes that even the smallest help makes sense and that good always returns.

Any help is more or less valuable. What is important is what is in the heart and that good always returns, – says Anya about the whole matter.

In our photo gallery, you can see the photos taken by Ania for this year’s group, but we also remind you of the photos of the Polish national team. We also publish a photo from a few years ago, when Ania created a pack with her brother Piotr.

Also, watch the video where Robert’s wife talks about the Noble Box idea and her difficult experiences in her youth.

I also went through a bad time in my life once when I needed someone else’s help. I remember how it feels to have nothing, admits Anna Levandowska. “Now I try to help others because I understand the situation.

This is how Anna and Robert Lewandowski remember the good old days
The wife of the best Polish footballer does not hide that it is difficult for her. In an interview with Magda Moshek, she revealed that one winter she had to wear shoes with holes in them because she couldn’t afford to buy new ones. She shared the first money she earned with her mother:

When I started earning my first money, it was a scholarship. I was 18 and it was 800 PLN. I gave half to my mom and kept it for myself.

In her turn, on Instagram, she revealed what she would say to “Little Anka” if you met her right now:

I would say that she should never be ashamed of her origins, that she will always put her family and loved ones first, and that she will always appreciate the smallest things about her,” she said.

In one of the interviews, Robert mentioned the beginning of his relationship with Anya. He wasn’t colored. The couple rented a one-room apartment in Warsaw and lived from paycheck to paycheck. While I’m not short on cash today, that wasn’t always the case. They have come a long way to where they are today. Anya and Robert Lewandowski met in 2007. They soon decided to live together. They lived very modestly. Different accounts consist of:

Anya suggested that we repair Fiat together, since we were already together, and lived in a rented apartment on Wrzecion in Warsaw. We were eating. I remember I had my favorite vanilla cheese in a box with a red ribbon on it,” she said in an interview with Your Style.

The couple lived in a 45-meter one-room apartment:

I can afford many things, both the ones I need and the ones I dream about. I definitely respect money, because I remember the times when Anya and I lived in a 45-meter communal apartment. My first car was a Fiat Bravo. Anya drove Matiz. At that time we earned a little and it was enough for today’s needs. Then there was more and more money, but we also know what it is like when this money is not there – Lewandowski told “Wprost”.

Anna and Robert Lewandowsky – old photos (photo: Newspix)

Although the Lewandowski family has achieved financial stability, they are not squandering money left and right. As Robert said, he remembers what it was like when you didn’t have the basics. When large sums appeared in his account, he hesitated for a long time before buying his first expensive car:

I hesitated for about a year until I rebelled: why shouldn’t I have made my dream come true? There were resistances: why resist, boast? However I won it honestly, I wouldn’t hide it in the garage. I had to change that approach and work on it. Don’t be ashamed of success.

The most beautiful festive gesture of Ania and Szlachetna Paczka will surely inspire Poles to take part in similar projects. We remember others.

Anna Lewandowska – supports the Noble Box
Anna Lewandowska – supports the Noble Box
Anna Lewandowska – supports the Noble Box


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