Harry and Meghan have shown the world how ‘important’ Kate and William are to them. They created a sensation with a recording: we understand them! This cannot go unnoticed


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Meghan and Harry, Kate and William

Meghan and Harry recorded a video clip that was broadcast on a TV station. Fans of the royal family believe they have proved once again that their relationship with Kate and William is not the best.

Meghan and Harry can do whatever they want after leaving the royal family. The couple regularly attends many events that members of the British monarchy stay away from due to age-old protocol. One of the events that shook the world was the interview that the Sussex family gave to Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. The couple revealed the behind-the-scenes life behind the walls of Kensington Palace.

In an interview with an American journalist, Markle did not spare hateful stories. He admitted, for example, that Kate made her cry just before her wedding to Harry. However, she said, the future queen apologized and gave her a bouquet of flowers:

A few days before the wedding, I got nervous about something: yes, it was the sleeping girls’ flower dresses. You made me cry, you really hurt my feelings. It wasn’t confrontational, I think it was… I don’t think it’s fair to go into detail because she apologized. But it was hard to stop blaming something that I not only didn’t do but actually happened to me. She […] she She apologized, she brought me flowers and a letter. I did what I would have done if I had known I hurt someone and took responsibility for it.”

Subsequent meetings between Megan and William’s wife were not the easiest and each of them was watched by millions of viewers from all over the world. Both duchesses kept their distance and didn’t interrupt the conversation, as was the case when Markle was an active member of the royal family. Since then, both sides have stopped celebrating their birthdays. There are no entries with wishes on the internet, which was the norm a few years ago.

The Sussexes have released recordings, photos, and web posts referencing their events. So it was recently.

Meghan and Harry – record Elton John as a slap in the face to Kate and William?

During their life at the British court, the duke and duchess made many valuable acquaintances. One of them is the one with Elton John. The pop legend was already friends with Princess Diana in the 90s. The singer even sang one of his greatest songs, Candle in the Wind, at her funeral, which he altered the lyrics in homage to the deceased. No wonder John was one of the few celebrities invited to Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

On the night of November 20-21, the artist, owner of 6 Grammy statuettes, gave the last concert of his career. On this special day in British music history, he has received support from stars like Dua Lipa, Brandi Carlile and Kiki D. Others have also called to music. Among them are Meghan and Harry.

Just before the start of the show, which was staged in front of nearly 60,000 people at Dodgers Stadium, the Sussex team sent Elton a video message. Harry thanked the singer for playing an important role in his life and in the lives of his loved ones and then congratulated him on many years of fruitful artistic work.

Thanks for being friends with my mom. Thank you for being our friend, and thank you for being friends with our children.

Netizens are talking about Meghan and Harry’s wishes for Elton John

The recording instantly spread around the world, and fans of the royal family not only immediately noticed the sweet attitude of Megan and Harry towards Elton but also remembered their behavior towards Kate and William. Social media comments include Views like these:

Meghan and Harry just proved that they can celebrate someone’s holiday with a smile if they want to. Why didn’t they post a video dedicating a birthday to Kate or William? I’ll tell you. Because they don’t suffer.

Now, in black and white, you can see that they don’t like each other. If they want, they can insert a similar video celebrating the heir to the throne and his beautiful wife.

I’ve always said they don’t like each other and now they prove it. Kate and Will have never expressed such wishes, and they might, if only to quell conflicting rumors.

There were also rumors that - as we wrote above - Kate and William also do not celebrate the couple's birthday on their social profiles, and with them, as everything indicates, they did not get in the way.

A storm in a teacup or other evidence confirming the cold relationship between the sons of King Charles III and their wives?


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