Hana Lodziewicz had an accident. “I called 911 immediately because it really hurt.” The sender had no good news for her


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Hanna Żudziewicz had an accident

Hana Lodziewicz had an accident! She told Jastrząb Post everything in front of the cameras. It was almost a tragedy.

Hanna Żudziewicz and Jacek Jeschke became famous thanks to the show Dancing with the Stars, where they presented their dance secrets to other Polish celebrities. In March of this year, Jacek proposed to Hania. Soon the lovers announced the good news: the ballerina is pregnant. Their daughter, Rota, was born in early October.

The best moment of our life.
Rosa Geschke, October 6, 2022
You are the most beautiful miracle – the proud parents wrote.

And recently, Hania announced online that another girl had appeared in her partner’s life.

Beloved, another girl has appeared in Jacek’s life. She is said to be the love of life. “They don’t even hide,” she said with a dirty face to the camera.

Of course, it turned out to be a joke – it was about little Rose, for whom the boy posed in a cute video.

A reporter from Jastrząb Post recently had the opportunity to talk to the lovers and hear a chilling story from them.

Hana Ludziewicz had an accident
Hania tells her she fell down the stairs a few days ago.

I can stand but sitting is even worse because I had a little accident 5 days ago. I fell down the stairs because we have a duplex apartment. The little girl was downstairs, she was crying and my tailbone was hurting badly.

Jake added:

Hania was carrying the milk, and she broke, but the bottle survived.

The new mother called an ambulance, but the dispatcher refused to send an ambulance, explaining that nothing could be done with her sore tailbone. So Hania went to the physiotherapist as soon as possible.

I called 911 immediately because it really hurt, but the ER said they wouldn’t come because it isn’t much you can do about the tailbone, so if I feel like it, I can go to the doctor and get checked out. I’ve been to a physical therapist, but everything just needs to be taken care of.

Situations like this can end very tragically, which makes Hannah very lucky.


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