Elizabeth II wanted to save Harry. He had a definite plan and a clear attitude toward his wife. The revelation of these revelations is a direct blow to Megan’s heart


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Harry, Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II wanted to save Harry. The queen was very worried about her nephew. A new book reveals her take on Meghan and the Sussexes’ wedding.

Ever since Harry and Meghan left the monarchy and set up their businesses in California, they have become the black sheep of the family. Charles’s youngest son put his happiness above the interests of the kingdoms. Not only that, he began to publicly report on his background. His wife joins him. Both have given interviews in which they spared no detail. They shot a documentary, and now fans are looking forward to the diaries of Diana’s son. They predict that only then will the real Pandora’s box be opened.

Elizabeth II suffered the most from the departure of her niece. Harry was Granny’s favorite. Despite the fact that he was rebellious and rebellious since childhood, the king adored him. They had a similar sense of humor and sources say they understood each other without words.

It is even more surprising that in the last years of the Queen’s life the Prince became so distant that the two had only occasional contact. In a new post from Gyles Brandreth, there’s new insight into what the King thought about all of this.

Queen Elizabeth II worried about Harry for the rest of her life. How would she save him?
A new book has shed light on the Queen’s relationship with Meghan. In Giles Brandreth’s latest work, Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait, it was revealed that the Queen was concerned that her nephew, Prince Harry, was too fond of her wife.

The Queen’s only concern early in the Sussex marriage was that Harry might be too much in love with her, a concern she shared with her friend, writes Giles Brandreth.

The publication is also expected to reveal other new details about Her Majesty’s final days. But the author assures that Elizabeth II worried about Harry until the end of his life. She believed that her niece’s involvement in her relationship removed her cold judgment of what was going on around him. I was going to help him figure out a few things. Unfortunately, you didn’t get it.

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