Edyta Górniak appeared in Angelic Creation in “PnŚ” and gave gifts to thousands of fans. But she loves them! A nice gesture at Christmas


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Edita Gornyak gave gifts to fans on Christmas Eve! We have been waiting for something like this for a long time. The singer showed how much they mean to her. Additionally, the question popped up at breakfast. She shared a sad reflection on her childhood…

Edita Gorniak has been present on the music scene for several decades. In 1994, she conquered the Eurovision Song Contest with the song It’s not me! As a result, she took second place in it. So far, no pole has come close to its conclusion. The singer’s output includes seven studio albums. The last of them appeared on the publishing market more than a decade ago. Of course, the star continues to tour and release new songs, but her stage activity is not as intense as it was a few years ago. So I met my listeners this Christmas and gave them beautiful gifts.

Edyta Górniak has a gift for fans
Today, on Christmas Eve, the singer visited The Question for breakfast, where she talked about her Christmas preparations. However, this was not the end of the surprises. On the same day, her two new songs appeared on YouTube!

My favorite. I know that since “It’s Falling Down” my Christmas songs aren’t on digital services. I mean, it wasn’t. This beautiful Christmas, I’m putting presents under the Christmas tree…two actually. One in Polish and one in English. With love … she addressed thousands of fans.

The first is a new arrangement of the traditional Jesus Malusieki Christmas carols.

The second is the cover of the English-language hit Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, which she made in collaboration with Pawe Tomaszewski.

How do you like Edita’s musical feast? We also encourage you to tune in to her old track – It’s Snowing with Krzysztof Antkowiak.

Below you’ll see how pretty the singer looks in the breakfast room. She stuck to a pretty dress with off-the-shoulder frills and completed the look with subtle makeup and earrings.

Edita Gourniak about the holidays this year
This year, the singer will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas in the mountains with Alan and his friends.

This Christmas Alan and I will be in the mountains with our highlander friends.

In an interview with Webnshares Post, she revealed that she has to be especially careful with her throat because she will be performing on New Year’s Eve on TVP2.

I have to be very careful with my throat, next month in such conditions as we are in Poland at this temperature it is tough to take care of the larynx and maintain its function. This is the biggest pain for all artists.

She tells Bombonek that she will not be able to eat much, which is difficult because the Highlanders are famous for their hospitality.

I have very difficult plans: I can’t eat much. Contrary to appearances, it is very difficult to party with the very hospitable Highlanders. (…) This is often the time of celebration and it occurred to me that when I ate a little more than I should have, the costumes on stage looked like this.

In any case, in her opinion, it is not the consumption that is important during the holidays, but the religious dimension.

More people talk and discuss what they are going to cook, what they don’t have yet, and what they still need to buy than they talk about what this holiday is all about. This is the feast of Christ, it is not a culinary feast, and sometimes there is such unevenness and imbalance.

Edyta Górniak will not cook during the holidays
She told Diwa Fact more about her Christmas repertoire, admitting that she never made a dish on Christmas Eve! She has always handled the decorating of the house, the musical framework for the holidays, and the spiritual part.

I’ve never made any food before. And not even anyone. I have always dealt with decorating the house, decorating the table, music and setting up music during the feasts, and making sure not to lose the word of God. I dealt with this spiritual side, but also the ceremonial and artistic side.

She added that she had a problem preparing the meat because she was against killing animals.

I wouldn’t touch any meat at all. No fish, nothing. When Alan was little and sometimes I would make chops for him, I had trouble touching the chicken. Like this meat from a dead animal. We’ve been taught to be tough, and that’s actually part of being with a heart, eyes, and soul. I always have a problem with that.

You can read more here.

Edita Gourniak: What did you talk about in a question for breakfast?
There was no shortage of Christmas themes at breakfast today. It started with memories of Christmas at her family’s home. They were far from ideal. All because her father was missing.

These are the memories I hesitate to go back to and for many years I didn’t like Christmas precisely because I associated it with sadness. Mainly because from the earliest years that I can remember, my father was gone. And when my parents divorced, my whole life changed. For the first few years, I didn’t like holidays and even after I came to Warsaw (…), those holidays were still sad.

With the arrival of her son, Alan, the style of celebrations began to change. In the beginning, he gave him everything he could. Over time I realized that the guy really had an excess of everything and I walked away from him so as not to spoil too much.

When we have children, we want to fill them with everything we didn’t have for ourselves. At some point, I realized Alan had too much of everything and I decided to withdraw from him. I was so afraid of spoiling Alan too much.

Finally, he said what he wanted. Apparently, the singer wants everyone to feel the power of the Holy Spirit.

My dream is that one-day people will feel the power of the Holy Spirit, all reconciled and united in the Holy Spirit.

There were also some beautiful wishes for the fans:

I wish all of us that not only now, but in general, we can understand very deeply in our hearts that we all need each other. Remember that it was such a wonderful invention that night sleep and various difficulties at night, and the beginning of the day is something new. Every day we have the opportunity to be a better person. “I hope so for all of us,” he told them.

How do you like the wishes of the singer?


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