Edouard Meszczak has chosen the first powerful couple for the Bulls at Breakfast. This is his answer to Kurzopków. Will they be able to defeat them?


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Cichopek Kurzajewski, Edward Miszczak

Who will manage breakfast at Polsat? Edouard Meszczak has already chosen the first strong duo. It aims to attract viewers and compete with Kasia Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski.

Telewizja Polsat celebrated its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, a big party was held on December 6, which was attended by numerous stars. Famous and well-known crowds came to the party and gladly posed for photos. Edward Meszczak also attended the ceremony. He became the new program director of the station and in this post, he replaced Nina Terentyev.

Previously, he held this position at TVN for 25 years. Currently, he intends to take a fresh look at what Polsat has to offer and present his ideas. Nina Terentiew, who was recently a member of the supervisory board, told Jastrząb Post everything.

We know each other very well, but we haven’t talked about it. I’ll be on the supervisory board, I’ll look at it and see. He’s definitely going to do a lot of good because he’s a good TV guy, but you have to ask him.

Who will manage breakfast at Polsat?
Telewizja Polsat is preparing to launch its own breakfast program. It should be a great breakfast quiz show, which has been on the air for 20 years, as has TVN’s Dzien Dobry, which has also been dragging viewers in front of their televisions for almost two decades.

Capturing fans out of the competition will certainly not be an easy task, so Edward Mezczak needs to think carefully about casting selection. A while ago, Fact reported that former Breakfast Questions host Marcelina Zawadzka is likely to be one of the hosts. Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna reacted well to this idea and announced on camera that she could also host the morning show.

great idea. It would be nice if our station also had a morning band. we will see. It all depends on how such a morning, such a troupe is chosen, and this is how the hosts will be chosen. I think there are some people who can. Marcelina Zawadzka is a very sweet and charming girl. I can drive too.

It turns out that Edward Meszczak has already chosen a leading duet. Maciej Dowbor and his wife Joanna Koroniewska will be drawn to the viewers on the screens. They should be Polsat’s answer to the Kurzopków duo.

The certainty is the marriage of the Dowbours, namely Joanna Koroniewska and Maciej Dowbor. Miszczak hopes their couple’s banter, banter, and radio play will captivate audiences. Joanna and Maciej would be Polsat’s answer to Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski – a Polsat employee reveals to Super Express.

Other names have appeared. Recently, Ania Wendzikowska left DDTVN in an atmosphere of scandal and spoke openly about mobbing. Her name has now appeared among the possible candidates to lead the morning format on Polsat.

Marcelina Zawadzka, who has TVP experience, will also be the face of the program The bosses are also considering hiring the Wędzikowski sisters. It concerns Malwina Wędzikowska and Ania Wendzikowska. The designer and the presenter are related. Edward Miszak hopes these family ties will be interesting to viewers and spark passions, which will translate into viewers. He made it a point of honor for the success of this program,-adds the tabloid’s informant.

It appears Edward Meszczak is already preparing for a major windstorm. Polsat’s stellar breakfast menu will debut in spring 2023. And what do TVN’s stars say about the competing show? Listen below.

Opening of an interior design boutique by Joanna Koroniewska and Maciej Dowbor
Maciej Dowbor i Joanna Koroniewska – Boże Narodzenie 2021
Maciej Dowbor, Joanna Koroniewska


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