Edita Gorniak will also perform on New Year’s Eve! And with whom in a duet! You have just signed the contract and the details have been leaked to the media


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Edyta Górniak on New Year’s Eve

Dreams with Two’s New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. Many stars will appear on stage, including Edita Gorniak, who has plans for a grand and even historic surprise for fans: she will perform with Alan Krupa. What will she sing with her son of hers?

TVP has yet to release an official list of all the stars who will perform on the Zakopane stage during New Year’s Dreams with the Two, but there are already some final names. There will be Zinke Martiniuc, Marina, and Maja Hita. In addition, Sławomir, Kajra, and the Boys Band, Justyna Steczkowska, Viki Gabor, and Edyta Górniak will perform. The latest stars have prepared a nice surprise for the fans. It will be a historic moment!

Edita Gorniak will perform on New Year’s Eve with her son
Edita Gorniak will be one of the main stars of Sylwester Marzyk with two. Diva has a sweet surprise in store for viewers. Super Express reports that the star will be attending with her son, Alan Krupa! We still don’t know what they have prepared, but their performance will surely be remembered for a long time.

It is also unknown what song they will perform. Maybe a teenage rap? We will find out all soon. One thing is for sure, a real fireworks game is coming! The beginning of the new year will be full of emotions. We can’t wait.

Alan Krupa’s career
Edyta Górniak, after the breakup of her marriage with Dariusz Krupa, raised Allan alone, who was already 18 years old. The boy has not been in contact with his father for many years and does not hide that he does not lack a relationship with a man.

I have no contact with my father. In fact, nothing in my life stemmed from my relationship with my parents. He already was, there will be nothing more. I have no contact with him and I never will-she revealed in What a Week.

The star and her son have a close bond and are supported every step of the way. The teenager also entered the world of show business. His famous mom helped him release his first song and music video. He makes his music career as an ensu rapper. He has two singles Lambada and Gentleman on his account. He is also a DJ and creates electronic music.


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