Duchess Kate saw him in the crowd and completely forgot about protocol! The rules have been forgotten and their spontaneous reaction will go down in history


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Duchess Kate in Cornwall

During a visit to Cornwall, Duchess Kate met an old school teacher. How did she react? I completely forgot the protocol…

Prince William and Duchess Kate have been one of the most popular and beloved couples in the world for years. They participate in the country’s most important events and celebrations, proudly representing the monarchy. They also have excellent contacts with subordinates. The son of Princess Diana and King Charles III and his wife have three children who are raised by future monarchs.

Fans of the royal family are eager to spy on the family of the heir to the throne. George, Charlotte, and Louis grow up before their eyes, and their mother wins the hearts of more people after every public appearance. This time I acted very spontaneously and broke protocol. However, we don’t think anyone would dispute that in this case.

Duchess Kate met with her former mentor and broke protocol
Duchess Kate and Prince William have visited Cornwall for the first time since becoming Princess and Prince of Wales. First, fans of the royal family were delighted with photos of the royal couple entertaining a child in the crowd. Both had a great time winning the hearts of newcomers.

Then Kate sees a man she recognizes in the crowd. It was her elementary school ancient history teacher, Jim Embry. The duchess responded very spontaneously and broke the rules of the protocol by embracing the man. This is very rare in her case because she is very careful not to break the strict rules under any circumstances.

I recognized you! That was a long time ago. “I remember the class and everything,” the Duchess said when she was introduced to the teacher.

Jim Embry, now a museum volunteer, later admitted to Cornwall Live that the Duchess hasn’t changed and remains cheerful, courteous, and conscientious, which is what reminds him of her.

Kate was very sweet, talking about her and her children and what they learned from her, claiming they learned something from me.

She added that the future queen was an excellent student.


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