Dinner Show L Chatton Warsaw: Pisarek, Kuklsk, Kazde, Richardson, Gargleskhan, Krupp, Chajl all’Ultra [Photo]


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Warsaw Dinner Show with Chaton

On November 23, the dinner show took place at the Chatton Club Warsaw. The ceremony was attended by a group of celebrities. Images. Karolina Pisarek, Natalya Kukolska, Patricia Kazadi, Michel Jargalsaikhan, Marta Krupa, Magdalena Shjebal and others.

Chaton Warsaw Club is a new place on the capital’s party map. The upscale restaurant will open this weekend. A gala dinner was held today, November 23, where the club was promoted by a celebrity cast of headliners. How did they behave? There was no lack of design which was kept in an elegant style.

Dinner show at Chatton Warsaw. Celebrity photos
Karolina Pisarek, Roger Sala, Natalia Kukolska, Micha Dbroka, Patricia Kazade, Monica Richardson, Konrad Wojterkowski, Michele Jargalsaikhan, Marta Krupa, Magdalena Šejbal, Karolina Gelon, Agnieszka Mrosewski, Alex Mrzewska Harry Jefferson and Majorzata Potocka. You can see their photos in the gallery below the text.

Some noteworthy methods. The writer appeared in a purple ensemble. Kukulska – in a black and white suit with wide trousers. Kazadi looked gorgeous in a blazer, T-shirt, and long pants. Richardson – in a white shirt and black skirt. Gargalsekhan, the role of Zosia in Foster Family, chose a sparkling blazer and black dress for the occasion. Marta Krupa, sister of Johanna, wore a dress with a plunging neckline, over which she threw an elegant coat. Shagbal appeared that evening in a long green dress. She completed her look with a leather clutch and matching shoes.

Which celebrity wore the best dress?

Dinner Show by Natalia Kukulska and Micha Dbrówka at Chaton Warsaw
Natalia Kukulska – Dinner Show in Chaton Warsaw
Karolina Pisarek-Salla, Roger Salla – Dinner Show in Chaton Warsaw


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