Córka Joanny Krupy does not have a wideo video. Asha nieźle się rozgadała. She rośnie jak na drożdżach i zachwyca fryzurką


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Asha is a mom video star

Joanna Krupa introduced Asha in a new video. The heartbreaking entrance did not distract from the girl’s appearance.

Joanna Krupa met Douglas Nunes while he was walking his dog. Their acquaintance developed rapidly, a warm feeling arose, and they got married in Krakow. Three years ago, their daughter Asha was born, which means the whole world to the couple. Parents want her to be happy:

My husband will definitely say that he doesn’t want our daughter to go into show business. She would like to be a doctor or a lawyer. And Joanna revealed in an interview with Fact that she gets up and sings every day, so I tell him, “I don’t know if your dream is going to come true.”

Their parents don’t want to impose any choices on her, but she can definitely count on her support.

When he’s older, he’ll make her decisions and I’ll root for her in whatever she wants to do.

The girl is a frequent visitor to her mother’s profile. There is no shortage of photos or videos in which we can see how they spend time together. On Sunday, the model showed a new video with Asha. She gave them a touching description.

Joanna Krupa introduced Asha in a new video
A video has appeared on Joanna Krupa’s profile, in which Asha can be seen playing with her bicycle in the living room of a Californian house and talking to her grandmother about the animals that surround her.

No matter what the future holds, I thank God that you will be with me every step of the way. My little princess,” the model wrote.

Asha looks cute in a ponytail and a very comfy dress. It is not known as of today that Joanna Krupa does not dress her daughter in a unique way, but rather focuses on her comfort. The 3-year-old girl has a very normal childhood, her parents take great care of her.

The video captures a conversation between the girl and her grandmother. They talk about a blind dog from the domestic flock.

Asha feels that you love her. Love is very important, you know? I love her so much, the girl tweeted.

Under the post, as always, when the protagonist is Joanna Krupa’s daughter, there is no shortage of admiration. Are you a fan of Asha?

Asha is a mom video star


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