Conan Kaymirsky is a true romantic! He made the chosen Valentine’s dream. He shows what he gave her


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Conan Kazmierski, Dagmara Kazmierska

Conan Kaźmierski showed how he spends Valentine’s Day. He gave his love a surprise. Did he win a medal? Photo.

Dagmara Kaźmierska is the brightest of the stars of the TTV Queens of Life format. Her son, Conan Kaźmierski, appeared in the program from time to time. The boy has a rough past. He had to endure forced separation from his mother, who went to prison when he was a child.

From prison, I wrote him a few postcards every day, so that he would know that I was close to him all the time and that I was still thinking about him. And he carried these cards with him all the time, carefully wrapped. He never parted with them – Dagmara opened up in her autobiography. And she added: – The good boy turned into a “difficult child”. He teased others, even girls. The kids didn’t want to be friends with him. I know he took it out on his peers for not having his mom around. And they did not owe him.

Today is only better. The young man is in his third year of medical studies and is very committed to learning. Mom can’t stop praising him. Studying isn’t Conan’s only activity. In his free time, he develops his Instagram profile, does bodybuilding exercises, and even records songs in the style of street hip-hop.

Conan Kaźmierski showed how he spends Valentine’s Day
In the pursuit of all these passions, Conan is supported by a beautiful partner, Ewa. The girl is the favorite of Conan’s mother. Dagmara spoke about her and her son’s potential wedding in an interview

I don’t run that far. They have to finish their studies and enter this life so steadily. And then they should build a common future, and think about family, and children. Let everyone settle down first. Let it be somehow. Later, in many young marriages, parents have to help, because this is not where they started. They are going in the right direction. That’s why I don’t think what the wedding will be like, what the wedding will be like. Maybe they’ll wish to go to the Bahamas and want to be alone. We don’t know that. I don’t think about it yet, it’s too early.

On February 14, Conan showed on Instastory how he spends Valentine’s Day. That day he took Eve to a restaurant. There were beautiful flowers on the table. Romantyk wrote in the description of the photo that you will see in the gallery below the text:

Me trying to be romantic.

Every woman would like to be so adored by her man! Ewa is certainly happy, and Dagmara is bursting with pride.


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