But the case! Georgina Rodriguez appeared in a group that angered the Saudis: “It’s a public place.” There is thunder


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Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez posted photos of a date with Cristiano Ronaldo, which angered the Saudis. Why?

Georgina Rodriguez is as famous as her famous boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo. She details the details of her first meeting in the documentary I Am Georgina, on Netflix. In the Brazilian Forbes magazine, she revealed that she has already earned a lot of money and is not financially dependent on the footballer.

Three years ago, the lovers had a daughter, Alana Martina. Together they also raised Cristiano Jr., as well as Eva and Mateo, children of substitutes hired by the footballer. The footballer’s partner’s last pregnancy ended in the death of one of her twins. The son did not survive: he died at birth, the desperate parents said in an official statement on social media. However, Bella Esmeralda has joined the family.

Now the family is after another revolution. Ronaldo decided to change clubs and took his family to Saudi Arabia. They were greeted with enthusiasm, there is one but…

Photos of Georgina Rodriguez angered the Saudis
Cristiano Ronaldo
joins Saudi victory. Thus, the media reports were confirmed and the sensational, until recently unrealistic, the move became a reality. Earlier, Al Arabiya had reported that CR7 would receive the highest salary in football history with the new club – €200m per season.

The footballer’s family has already settled in a new place. At first, he thought the problem would be that Cristiano and his partner live single, which is not welcome in the local culture. However, it turns out that the authorities have simply promised no matter what.

Some suspected that after Georgina moved to Saudi Arabia, she would stop sharing the racy photos that filled her Instagram of hers. Nothing could be more wrong. She caused a sensation because she showed up in a very short dress, which reveals her legs, which she wore on an appointment with Cristiano.

Dinner with my beloved-she wrote her.

This post caused a lot of controversies.

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country where Muslims are not only required to dress modestly.
This is a public place and you should dress appropriately.
Does Saudi Arabia change its rules on a footballer? Do they now allow relationships without marriage? – they write.

However, there are those who have rationally observed:

It is strange that there are Arabs who criticize Saudi Arabia for Georgina’s actions. Look how much Cristiano has given us. We now have the Saudi League broadcast on international channels. Numerous deals were made and T-shirt sales exceeded the millions.

Others add:

Many Saudi women are braver and no one comments…
Georgina, welcome to Saudi Arabia. We are delighted to have you with us and wish you the best time to spend in our beautiful country.

Do you think Georgina will control the content you upload online?

Georgina on a date with Cristiano
Georgina on a date with Cristiano
Georgina on a date with Cristiano


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