Basia Kordig was a demon who should have directed “Dzień Dobry TVN”! The star turned down the offer and revealed why. This is a pin for Małgorzata Rozenek


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Barbara Kurdej-Satan

Barbara Kurdej-Satan admitted in a recent interview that she had the opportunity to host Good Morning TVN. Why didn’t you accept the offer?

Barbara Kurdej-Satan gained fame by advertising a popular mobile network. She then joined the cast of the series M jak Miłość and more job offers came.

She has appeared regularly in subsequent programs, series, and films and on stage. Meanwhile, with her husband Rafai Szatan, also in show business, they have two children: a 10-year-old daughter Hania and a two-year-old girl.

Recently there was information that the couple will appear in the breakfast room of one of the broadcasters as a host: as established by the, they will appear in the Morning Croissant, broadcast on Zoom TV.

Basia and her husband will appear in five episodes, for now, says Story Production’s Beata Harasimovic, who is in charge of producing the program.

In a new interview, Basia Kurdej-Szatan explained what the project is all about and revealed that she may join Dzien Dobry TVN.

Barbara Cordage turned Demon to direct Dzien Dobry TVN
Barbara Kurdej-Szatan explains that she has recorded several episodes of a 20-minute entertainment program that airs in the morning. She also admitted in an interview with Pudelek that she has a chance to become one of the hosts of Dobry TVN. However, I have decided not to take advantage of this opportunity. She explained that at that time many different programs were named after her. She admitted saying at one point that viewers might forget she was an actress and she preferred to leave breakfast to professional reporters.

In TVN, I once refused to host “Dzień Dobry TVN”, because there was a time when I hosted so many different programs that I got the impression that people didn’t know if I was a host or an actress. I love theater and I love acting. I found out that such software is only for journalists.

She also appears to have stuck a pin in new breakfast host Majorzata Rozyneck, who is not a reporter. Can you imagine Basia Kurdej-Satan the devil on the breakfast sofas?

Barbara Kurdej-Satan – Maciej Zień’s show
Barbara Kurdej-Satan – 13th Charity Star Gala
Barbara Kurdej-Satan showed the kitchen


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