An inexpensive gift from William to Kate causes a worldwide sensation. The Duchess’ trinkets have disappeared from the shelves


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William bought Kate’s earrings

Duchess Kate appeared with Prince William and their three children at Sandringham Chapel on Sunday morning. Of course, the paparazzi took pictures of the family. In the pictures, you can see that the wife of the heir to the throne wore cheap earrings.

Duchess Kate joined the royal family more than a decade ago and quickly gained the sympathy of the British. From the very beginning, you are heavily involved in the life of the monarchy and are devoted to your duties. She accompanies Prince William during his speeches, but she also has a number of obligations to the crown.

She has successfully combined her busy schedule with caring for three children. The Duchess and the Prince of Wales are parents to George, 9, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4. The wife of the heir to the throne has not only become a role model for many mothers, but also a style icon. Her outfits are followed by women all over the world, and for many of them, she has become a fashion guru. During Christmas Mass, she was delighted with her choice of jewelry for her.

Duchess Kate received cheap earrings from Prince William as a gift
The royal family kicked off Christmas with Mass at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk. Kate showed up in a long green coat, which she paired with a matching feather hat. Completed complete with brown high heel shoes. Prince William was equally elegant, opting for a dark trench coat and navy blue suit. George, Charlotte, and Louis looked nice too.

The paparazzi had a blast. Lots of family photos popped up. The keen eye of royal fans noticed an interesting detail in Kate’s design. She has appeared in interesting earrings.

The Sun indicated that the Duchess chose gold-plated copper and natural stone jewelry from the Cezanne collection, which she has always loved. It’s supposed to be a gift from Prince William. The price of these earrings is around 100 pounds, which is more than 500 PLN.

The report says that after the duchess showed up at the French brand’s jewelry store, the earrings immediately disappeared from store shelves. It’s not the first time we’ve come across the so-called Kate effect.


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