75-year-old Carole Strasberger will still dance at her daughter’s wedding. These activities will help him make his dream come true! Many young people can give an example


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Karol Strasburger

Karol Strasburger wants to dance at her daughter’s wedding. For this, he takes care of himself. He revealed what he does to keep fit.

Karol Strasburger is a legend of Polish cinema. The actor turned 75 in July. Over several decades of his stage career, he has starred in such productions as Agent No. 1, Polish Roads, Nights and Days, Wilkie Zoo, Kill Me, Cop, Carino, and You Can Sing. And the neighing of horses, chameleons. Younger viewers mostly associate him with being the host of La Familia.

The idol of viewers married Malgorzata in 2019, with whom he has a daughter, Laura. The girl was born three years ago. In one of the interviews, Carol hinted that she would like to dance at her wedding. A reporter from Jastrząb Post asked him how he takes care of himself and his health at the age of 75.

Carol Strasburger has revealed how she takes care of her health
Our interlocutor takes care not to harm his health for years. His movement, sport, and activity have accompanied him throughout his life. He goes to the gym, plays tennis, and occasionally goes skiing. He also refuses to overeat sweets.

My principle in life, but not today and with the child in mind, was not to destroy this health. This is the basis. And then it’s about taking care of that health. For me, it is movement, sport, and activity that have accompanied me throughout my life. It is known that during the holidays they like to eat something sweet, but if I had a good cake I would prefer to cut it in half and not eat it all. But he doesn’t suffer much. I go to the gym, play tennis and now go skiing.

Is his younger wife motivating him?

The younger wife spurs. Although, to be honest, I motivate her more than she motivates me to exercise and play sports. My Maigozia wasn’t the type to do anything professionally, so I got her involved in skiing and tennis. When one person in the family practices a certain regimen, everyone gets infected and I see it in my daughter. So one person’s actions and sporting traditions infect the rest of the company. I’m not one of those people who want to pretend to be younger.

The most important thing is that the actor never pretends to be someone he is not, because naturalness is the most important quality for him.

I don’t make myself different from who I am now. For me, nature is the most important thing. Cheating and pretending to be one person just so the other person thinks maybe this partner is younger than them is just not my style. But my approach is that you have to be efficient in movement, in walking, you can have no problem climbing stairs, tying your shoes, etc., and this involves maintaining the whole state, so there is no question of motivation. But maybe even a child.

Are you a fan of Carol?

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