The iPhone 14: how long will it take you to pay for it?


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Each year, researchers calculate the number of man-hours it takes to purchase the latest iPhone. In 2023, smartphone in Nigeria is the most expensive at the moment. In France, the latter costs the equivalent of 3.56% of the average annual salary.

An expensive iPhone. No one would say otherwise, and even if today we find prices that make bankers overlook the competition, the Apple smartphone has always earned a reputation as a luxury product – so much so that for years the company has been evaluating the possibility of introducing a monthly subscription in so you can pay for it.

However, expenses are not the same for everyone. Indeed, the iPhone for example is considered more luxurious in more modest countries than in the West. A point underlined every year by studies that calculate the share of the annual salary that the latest iPhone costs in each country and, precisely, the working time necessary to afford it.

You have to work more than 9 days to buy the iPhone 14

Last year, for example, we learned that you had to work more than 775 hours in the Philippines to be able to buy an iPhone 13. Rebelote this year with the iPhone 14, although the arrangement has changed a lot this year. In fact, according to data analyzed by CompareDial, Apple’s latest flagship is the most expensive in Nigeria. To afford it, you’d have to shell out 69% of the country’s average annual salary.

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The rest of the top five countries are relatively small countries, namely Kenya (63.3%), Bangladesh (59%), Egypt (50%) and Tunisia (48.57%). And France in all this? France tops the green side of the rankings, although other countries fare better. In fact, on average, you’d have to shell out 3.56% of your annual salary to afford Apple’s latest smartphone.

As CompareDial notes, this equals 9.26 business days, working 8 hours a day. Something to keep in mind when validating your cart.


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