Galaxy S23: Still no Android flash update from Samsung in 2023


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The Galaxy S23 may offer the longest update tracker on Android i.e. 4 years of major releases and 5 years of security patches, but Samsung is still skipping fast updates.

According to a recent report from AndroidPolice, the Galaxy S23s does not support Android’s continuous update feature. To verify this, the source was able to run the Treble Info tool, which confirmed that Samsung has not enabled the feature on its smartphones.

Although this feature was launched in 2016, it is supported on all competing Android smartphones. Google even tried to make it mandatory with Android 13, but ultimately Samsung never opted for these quick updates, which offer all sorts of interesting benefits.


For the uninitiated, these “seamless” updates allow new firmware versions to be installed on a secondary partition while the phone remains in service. In other words, this feature allows users to continue using their smartphones while the update is in progress.

Once the installation on the second partition is complete, you just need to restart it for a few seconds to integrate the new incremental software. Another advantage is the lower risk of data corruption during the update, but also the fact that your phone is not idle for the duration of the installation, which could prevent you from making emergency calls, for example.

It’s surprising that Samsung has yet to embrace seamless Android update support for the Galaxy S23 series, given its close ties to Google. So let’s hope that the Korean giant will move forward with this topic and deliver features from a future update.

Despite the lack of hotfixes, Samsung hasn’t neglected its smartphone software. Remember, the Galaxy S23 launched with the new One UI 5.1 house overlay and this brings a whole host of new features to the hardware.


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