Queen Camilla made Duchess Kate cry. End of the idyll between the most important women of the monarchy


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Kate was brought to tears by Camilla

Queen Camilla made Duchess Kate cry. Everything indicates that there is no trace of friendly relations. What was it about?

When the British royal family received their first state visit since the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II, they were clearly dressed to impress. However, the battle to win the most stylish person crown took a turn for the worse, and only Duchess Kate had the power to hold back the tears.

Queen Camilla made Duchess Kate cry

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was the first foreign leader to be received by the new British King Charles III. On November 22, Queen Consort Camilla appeared at the banquet and delighted the guests with her appearance.

Camilla procured Elizabeth’s best jewelry and other possessions, most of which went to Charles, says the source. If Camilla wants to get something for herself, she does so without hesitation.

Kate is believed to have had her eye on a gorgeous diamond for herself, but she stood no chance against Camilla, who dominated the ex-king’s jewelry collection.

Kate wanted to wear the new crown to feel close to Elizabeth, not because she wanted to overshadow anyone, the source says.

Things come to a head in the palace after Kate is ejected from the royal treasury.

Kate shed a few tears but then she moved on, a mansion insider told New Idea. She has always been very popular and glamorous, and unfortunately, it is hard for the other women in the family to accept her. Ultimately, she doesn’t want to make life difficult for Prince William, who has had enough drama to last a lifetime.

During dinner, Kate put on a brave face by choosing her oft-used tiara.

The source explains that Kate doesn’t need new trappings to look stunning and she knows it, she can show up in a sack of potatoes and still outshine any woman in the room.

Camilla doesn’t want to share royal booty. Kate puts the discussion aside to focus on her duties. In her turn, the Queen greeted the President of South Africa wearing the sapphire crown of her late mother-in-law. She wore a dazzling tiara for the first time and sources say she did everything she could in preparation for the big night to make sure she didn’t overshadow the shade. So while Camilla dazzled with the new jewels she had taken from the palace coffers, Kate had to wear what she had worn several times before.


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