Ohme has known Smaszcz for years. However, he didn’t have an allowance for her. “There is something deeper.” He has golden advice for her as a psychiatrist


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Paulina Smaszcz, Małgorzata Ohme

Małgorzata Ohme spoke about the comedies of Paulina Smaszcz. She didn’t bite her tongue. She has good advice for her colleague in the industry.

Polina Smashic is one of the most famous Polish journalists. But lately, we talk about her not for her professional successes, but for her subsequent scandals. She started with revelations about the relationship between her ex-husband Maciej Korzajewski and Kasia Czykopec. After that, she was gaining weight. Smaszcz accused her ex-husband of lying and treating her children badly.

She eventually goes to her house, where she meets her former mother-in-law. As he stated, he wanted to know from her how Korzagowski treated their dog. The incident ended with Paulina reporting to the police.

I confirm, after the family council, that we decided to file a police report and I did. It’s very painful for all of us, so I won’t go into details,” she admitted to her ex-husband.

Meanwhile, Smaszcz also messed with m.in. Isabella Janachowska and Iwona Pavlović.

Małgorzata Ohme on Paulina Smaszcz
Journalist Jastrząb Małgorzata Ohme, who knew the heroine of the recent scandals, asked about Paulina’s latest plays. Josiah believes her friend “should shut up” because it’s “so sad” to watch her actions.

Polina must be silent. to calm down. Also, she has already mentioned that the kids have asked her not to. I have known Paulina for years, she has done so many incredible things. It’s hard for me to say what triggered this level of these feelings in her, especially the negative ones. It’s sad to see this.

Our interlocutor does not understand why Smaszcz behaves like this.

I don’t understand this. He is of no use to her. I think it could be due to a deep wound. I don’t think this is a strategy. Something deeper is causing this rush. I think it should go away for a while.


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