No more heavy-handed makeup criticism, says Vicky Gabor. You replied that the Poles would go belly up. It was my duty to show them where they belong


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Viki Gabor wears heavy makeup

Vicki Gabor could not stand it and once again respond sharply to criticism of her aggressive style and makeup. What did she say in the interview?

Vicky Gabor is undoubtedly one of the most popular singers of the young generation in Poland. Thank you for participating in the second edition of The Voice Kids. She then won the XVII Children’s Eurovision Song Contest. Two years ago, her first album Into My Imagination was released on the music market and established her position.

The young singer is thriving in her career, but she is always closely watched. She’s been dealing with negative reviews about her fashion choices for months now. Under one of her photos, for example, netizens flooded her with critical comments. Gabor wrote about her claims about her makeup:

Makeup must be applied on stage because the theater requires it. However, I don’t wear this makeup on a daily basis. If someone bugs me about wearing makeup on stage, that’s her problem. I know how it really is.

However, that didn’t help, and the 15-year-old still had to explain how to dress and draw. In the last interview, she once again responds to critics.

Vicki Gabor has withdrawn criticisms of her style and her makeup. what did she say?
Vicki responded again to the criticisms of the encore, but this time provoked by the words of Don Vasil, the artist considered the king of music in Rome. In one of the interviews, she said that she didn’t like teenage clothes and makeup. Her statement was pointed to by a journalist from the o2 portal belonging to the wp. pl group, who spoke to Gabor. The young singer decided to face criticism.

This is my stage image. The cameras and the stage call for this makeup and style. Every day there is less and less of this trick […]. The situation is different abroad. I was in London recently and teenagers there wear makeup like this every single day. People [from Poland] who haven’t seen such a trick are not ready for it yet, they say it’s too much. Pink and blue stripes … If they have never seen it and they saw it for the first time on a 15-year-old girl, it just shocks them – explained Gabor.

The 15-year-old added that her parents’ opinion is very important to her:

My parents had nothing to do with it, and I think if my parents didn’t say something, then neither should anyone else. I concluded that they should take care of themselves.

Viki Gabor in heavy makeup

Vicky Gabor responds to Don Fassel’s words
Don Vasil should also have commented on Vica’s Roman ancestry and accused her of being so far removed from her roots that it is not known whether she is a Roma or not. These words shocked the young singer, who had referred to them in the previous conversation:

With all due respect to him, I’m not usually a talker when it comes to the elderly, but here I have a few words to say. He says I’m out of my tradition, he doesn’t make real Roma music. For me this is Roma Disco Polo,- she said.

What do you think Vicki is right about in this dispute over her looks?

Viki Gabor with blonde hair
Viki Gabor in heavy makeup
Viki Gabor in heavy makeup


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